Nov 25

True story…  After Thanksgiving dinner yesterday at the in-laws, I was talking with a nice older woman in her 60s.  Eventually the conversation shifted to my favorite subject, computers. 

The woman, whom I’ll call “Helen,” told me that she doesn’t own a computer anymore since her “scare.”

“Did your computer get attacked by a virus?” I asked.

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Nov 11

See you again next century!

Nov 01

Samsung Chromebook. Copyright © Samsung.

Google, in partnership with Samsung and Acer, has announced a radical new laptop where all the software and data is stored online.  It’s called the Chromebook, which is named after Google’s Chrome web browser. 

The Chromebook runs a full-screen Chrome web browser and does everything via the Internet.  Your word processor, spreadsheets, email and games are all web apps.  There is no local hard drive, so all of your data resides in the “cloud.”

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