Nov 29

Following are some simple but useful FREE tools for software developers.  Each tool is freely distributable and includes the original C# source code so you can modify the tool to your needs.  These tools are not supported.  Enjoy!

  Color Gadget

Select a .NET KnownColor or other color, copy RGB and hex values to the clipboard.

Free Download


  Guid Generator

Generate a new globally-unique ID and copy it to the clipboard.

Free Download


  Hex Converter

Quickly convert between hex and decimal numbers.

Free Download


  Shortcut Replace

Search/replace the path and working directory in a collection of shortcut (.lnk) files.

Free Download


  Visual Studio Toolbox Installer

Console program that installs/removes tabs and custom controls and components in the Visual Studio .NET Toolbox.

Free Download


  Window Watcher

Shows the form and client bounds of the active window.

Free Download


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Article published on November 29, 2007

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2 Responses to “Free Developer Tools”

  1. Sunday Weekly Roundup #18 - 12/16/2007 » Blog at Says:

    […] Free Developer Tools […]

  2. Paul McKenzie Says:

    Here is a great free tool for rapidly creating SQL Reporting Services Reports. Its quick, easy and will give you fully featured (filtering, sorting, summing and styled) report.

    You can download your report and edit it if you wish/need to, but it produces a finished (deploy ready) report:

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