Feb 07

CodeSqueeze has collected 101 ways to know when your software project is doomed.  Here are my 10 favorites:

  • You start hiring consultants so they can take the blame
  • All of your requirements are written on a used cocktail napkin
  • The lead web developer thinks the X in XHTML means ‘extreme’
  • Progress is now measured by the number of fixed bugs and not completed features
  • Every bug is prioritized as Critical
  • Project estimates magically match the budget
  • Developers use the excuse of ’self documenting code’ for no comments
  • Your spouse only gets to see you on a webcam
  • Your boss expects you to spend the next 2 days creating a purchase request for a $50 component
  • “Oh, oh, and I almost forgot. Ahh, I’m also gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday, too… thanks”

101 Ways to Know Your Software Project is Doomed

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