Nov 23

I recently wrote how Visual Studio 2010 is very slow on my fast PC, taking 25-30 seconds to start up.  Thanks to a Microsoft employee who helped me but wishes to remain anonymous, my problem is solved.

The VMWare add-in, VMDebugger, causes Visual Studio 2010 to load very slowly on my fast PC.

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Nov 20

UPDATE:  Problem solved!  The VMWare add-in VMDebugger was the culprit.

I recently upgraded to Visual Studio 2010 and had a rude awakening: VS2010 starts up very sloooooow.  I have a 2-year-old dual core laptop.  Visual Studio 2008 starts in about 3 seconds.  The first time I start VS2010, it takes about 55 seconds.  Subsequent startups take 25-30 seconds.  The hard drive doesn’t thrash; instead, the splash screen just sits there for a half minute before the IDE finally opens.

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