Jul 19

DeveloperFusion offers a free .NET code converter.  Simply paste your C# or VB.NET code into this web-based tool, then select your target language: C#, VB.NET, Python or Ruby.  Supports syntax up to .NET 3.5.

Code Converter

Jul 23

CodePaste.NET is a new public code pasting site that allows you to paste and link code from social network sites like Twitter and Facebook, or chat and IM applications like Skype or Messenger.  The idea is that these social networks or chat clients work well for interactive discussion, but they don’t allow enough space to post even the shortest snippets of code for all participants to see. 

A lot of Twitter traffic deals with discussions about code or code concepts, so a place to share and view code is very useful.  So rather than squeezing code snippets into these clients, you can post it on the the CodePaste.NET site and then link to the snippet.  As opposed to other code pasting sites, CodePaste.NET is more specific to .NET developers, providing syntax highlighting and the ability to apply comments on snippets.

More .NET News

May 29

Most programmers know that throwing exceptions takes a relatively long time to execute versus normal processing.  Some say throwing exceptions is as much as two orders of magnitude slower than passing arguments (that’s 100 times slower for non-geeks).  However, another article claims there’s almost no impact to throwing exceptions, unless you are running your software in a debugger.

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