Oct 26

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Everyone loves to hate Facebook.  With over a half billion users, Facebook has assimilated most connected adults in the modern world, and resistance has become futile.  Even for me — I must disclose that I actually like Facebook and how it connects me to distant friends and relatives.  But like anything popular, there’s no way to please all the people all the time, so Facebook is target for lots of criticism. 

Some of the negativity is well-deserved, especially regarding privacy issues.  Facebook’s mission is to “make the world more open and connected,” which is in direct conflict with the desire of most people to keep their private information private.  The problem isn’t that Facebook provides many different ways to share your information.  The problem is that Facebook assumes you want to share all of your information to everyone — by default.

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Aug 19

Facebook status updates must be 420 characters or less.  If you try to post a longer update, you will receive the “Status Too Long” error message:

Facebook Status Too Long

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