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Debate over the most popular programming language can become an emotional, almost religious battle.  And sometimes there’s no debate at all, such as when a developer is assigned to repair legacy software.  “It was written in COBOL?” is a popular refrain.

A programming language is just one tool in a developer’s expansive collection of specialty software and hardware.  So does it really matter which programming language a developer uses, as long as he or she is meeting customer requirements on time and within budget?

Yes, yes it does.  Ford or Chevy.  Stihl or Husky.  Coke or Pepsi.  Let’s face it, we all get passionate about our tools.

Most Popular?

There are a number of ways to measure the popularity of a programming language, for example, based on the number of:

  • New applications written in the language
  • Existing applications written in the language
  • Developers that use the language primarily
  • Developers that use the language ever
  • Web searches
  • Available jobs that require skills in the language
  • Developers’ favorites

The following surveys attempt to rank which programming languages are most popular, each using a different measure:

Tiobe is a popular site for ranking programming languages.  Tiobe bases its rankings on world-wide availability of skilled engineers, courses and third party vendors.  Rankings are not about the best programming language or the language in which most lines of code have been written.  Tiobe uses Google, MSN and Yahoo! search engines to measure the Web “chatter” and hence the popularity of each programming language.  The Tiobe top 11 for May 2007 are:

1. Java – 19.1%
2. C – 15.2%
3. C++ – 10.1%
4. PHP – 8.7%
5. Visual Basic – 8.4%
6. Perl – 6.2%
7. Python – 3.8%
8. C# – 3.7%
9. JavaScript – 3.1%
10. Ruby – 2.6%
11. Delphi – 2.1%

A September 2006 eWeek article ranks programming languages based on nationwide queries on, a job site for technology professionals.  Following are percentage of jobs listed on that require skills in each programming language:

1. Java – 35.7%
2. C, C++ – 15.3%
3. C# – 12.7%
4. Perl – 11.9%
5. JavaScript – 10.9%
6. Visual Basic .NET – 5.2%
7. PHP – 2.9%
8. Ajax – 2.7%
9. Python – 2.0%
10. Ruby – 0.7%

Evans Data

Evans Data Corporation conducted a Winter 2006 developer survey that ranks programming languages based on how many developers use that language at least some of the time:

1. Java – 45%
2. C, C++ – 40%
3. C# – 32%
4. Ajax – 28%
5. Visual Basic & VB.NET – 21%


In early 2005, Computerworld conducted a developer survey that measured which programming languages are in use by the developer’s company:

1. C# – 72%
2. Java – 66%
3. Visual Basic – 62%
4. C++ – 54%
5. JavaScript – 50%
6. Unix Shell Scripts – 42%
7. Perl – 34%
8. C – 32%
9. PHP – 16%
10. Python – 8%
11. Delphi – 7%
12. TCL – 6%
13. Ruby – 1%

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Article published on May 30, 2007

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342 Responses to “Most Popular Programming Languages”

  1. Mohit Mundhra Says:

    The results could have been based on more than these criterias only, like the best programming language for developing windows applications , etc, etc.

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    […] PHP development has been rapid in recent years. According to EDC statistic in 2006, PHP was ranked top 3 programming languages globally as a web scripting language. The other two languages were Java and .NET frameworks. What shocked people was, the growth of PHP has come to 37%, higher than the other two. […]

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  5. Chris Pietschmann Says:

    How does Evans Data consider “Ajax” to be a programming language? It’s only a method and set of design patterns in JavaScript development. If you consider it to be a seperate language, then you may as well consider Test Driven Development to be a seperate language.

  6. kavashgar Says:

    Hi Guys What about ASP.NET?

  7. Timm Says:

    Hi Kavashgar,

    ASP.NET is not a programming language, but rather, it is a web application framework from Microsoft to build dynamic web sites, web applications and XML web services. ASP.NET is built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR), enabling programmers to write ASP.NET code using any Microsoft .NET programming language, such as C# and Visual Basic .NET.

  8. Timm Says:

    Hi Chris,

    You are correct, AJAX is not a programming language, as it is not Turing complete. However you will find that many websites include AJAX with other true programming languages (such as C# and Java) because of its current popularity. But I agree, AJAX should not be listed with programming languages.

  9. Timm Says:

    From a new unscientific online poll by Visual Studio Magazine (

    What is your primary programming language?
    C# – 44.1%
    VB.NET – 38.1%
    VB6 – 8.2%
    Visual C++ – 5.6%
    Other C/C++ – 2.6%

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  11. arbingersys Says:

    LUI is another site that attempts to look at public facing (e.g. Internet) numbers concerning language usage/popularity. It’s the “Open Source” equivalent, in that it gives away everything it uses to generate the graphs: the code, the raw data, and the archive, as it grows.

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  13. StufidCoder Says:

    Turbo Pascal is the most silent popular Prog. Lang. in the world.

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  15. Foxproo developer Says:

    Is there any news regarding the standing of visual foxproo in terms of ranking? …. Maybe you should classify the ranking in its type, for example database programming, where the foxproo is powerfull tools to use… just my opinion…

  16. Hossein Hadian Says:

    so here is the conclusion : Delphi sucks..who in the world will use Delphi..? huh?? where are the wrong-thought fans of Delphi??
    sorry for impoliteness,but i am annoyed and irritated by so many people praising Delphi..

  17. Chris Says:

    So the programming language of tomorrow would be??

    Seems like people are migrating towards Java or C#. Java because it’s web based. But suppose the internet was “unplugged”? Who then would be the decisive winner for the programming languages of tomorrow? C#?

    Popularity of a language usually dictates the direction the industry is heading. I’m still learning C and C++ but it looks like C# or Java is eventually what I should be learning to keep on top of things so I’m not left in the dust tomorrow

  18. Kiz Says:

    Re: Hossein Hadian
    no no no.. delphi is a great programming language with great IDE and documentation, it just… too expensive for me ^^ so not many people try it.. borland corp. is a great corporation.. IMHO.. but i like C++ family..

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    […] is bloated. To address this, I want to cite various lists of the top 10 programming languages. Java still hovers somewhere around first or second when accounting for all different metrics. […]

  20. Visual guard for Oracle Says:

    Delphi is very old.. And according to me its out.. C# and VB.Net are currently in. So good bye to Delphi…

  21. Thotsapon Says:

    I think the C language is a very good language for embedded system. It is between low level and high level language. You can go deep to access hardware and use all abilities of micro controller’s special function that other languages have never done it. C language is very classic, immortal and popular all around the world. C have been born for so long and it still exist for now and next

  22. Dave Wilcoxïz Lemanswrontp Says:

    You are right Thotsapon. I’m a senior developer for the GeForce dept. at Nvidia and every single thing here is coded in plain ANSI C (even the walls). Seriously, the firmwares, drivers, utilities and tests are all ‘made in C’, the definitely immortal language.

  23. gabi Says:

    c and c++ are the strongest prog languages right now and i don’t see what can replace them. you can do a lot of things in c / c++ that you wouldn’t even dream of doing in c#, java etc. and the reverse is not so true.

  24. DotNetFan Says:

    >you can do a lot of things in c / c++ that you wouldn’t even dream of doing in c#, java etc.

    Absolutely true. Device-drivers, Windows services, Windows hooks, embedded systems, etc. are all much more suited to C or C++ than a high-level language like C#.

    >and the reverse is not so true.

    Not true. There’s no way I would want to develop a large-scale business application in C or even C++. It’s like cutting the lawn with a scissors.

  25. Alan Kelon Says:

    […] suas contas. Estas são, respectivamente, as três primeiras colocadas no índice TIOBE e em muitos outros rankings. O ranking de Janeiro de 2009 esta […]

  26. cateto Says:

    haha Win C. Ever!

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  28. BORN TO RULE Says:

    Friends lets face it java is the winner and the future. But i think you should conclude Visual C++/CLI which is the most powerful yet but not popular and C# is still a good competetion for java even though java is much better. I think groovy is cool too but it needs to get more attention from Sun.

  29. ARAsh Says:

    Yes Java is Cool, Always java get number one
    because it’s simple and powerful and specially Java EE and Java ME
    We are waiting for Java SE 7 and XVM
    Sun is king

  30. Java lover Says:

    Yup, Java is king. Open source, cross platform, lots of libraries, and the JVM supports over 250 languages (groovy, ruby, python etc etc).

    Also, it runs on anything (phones, hand-helds, yer fridge for crying out loud)

    Java’s one detraction = Swing. .. But we can now use open sourced QT with the jambi bindings to create beautiful cross-platform, open source applications using a mixture of languages… does it get better than that? nope

  31. multiLang Says:

    Hossein Hadian, Visual guard for Oracle… Guys, Delphi is excellent tool when you need to write Win32 native data centric apps (it is not a language per sue – the language is object Pascal). Good examples of such apps are TOAD and ColdFusion (at least the original implementations). The problem is – who needs to write Win32 native data centric apps now days? If you need native, you most likely looking at device drivers or alike and will use C/C++. I’m surprised Delphi even made it into the top list. Introduction of .Net took out all its advantages and C# made by the same guy, who made Delphi (both, Anders Hejlsberg and Danny Thorpe, with Microsoft now) and Borland already sold Delphi division out… I started with Delphi, but moved to C#/Java long ago.
    Roughly you have a few programming domains: system programming, .net, not .net, and client side/browser scripting.
    The question is – what is relative market shear of each domain and what language(s) dominates each of them. From this point equation of C++ with PHP is irrelevant.
    But this is beneficial to know when you are searching for a job.

  32. multiLang Says:

    Sorry, need to correct myself… ColdFusion was written on Visual C++, but good list of Delphi made software is here
    Nevertheless, I will hesitate to start new project with Delphi even I like it.

  33. glenn Says:

    perl for me!!! ^__^ v 6 is long overdue though. *sigh*
    c is great…will always be i guess.

  34. nithin Says:

    i am using c & visual basic most frequently

  35. WEB Developer - Consultant Says:

    I use and like several languages: PHP,, C#, C++ and Delphi.

  36. Ndiwanga Says:

    Java is the future

  37. ArAsh Says:

    Re: Hossein Hadian
    what are you talking about?
    delphi is strong language, it seems you don’t know any thing about programin languages and usages
    it’s better go and see delphi, java, … & any programing lang.. and see the one serious example of each lang
    even bash script can be king
    Java for serious projects

  38. Tihomir Ivanov Says:

    > C# – 3.7%
    wow, that’s too little for my favorite language 🙁

  39. Tihomir Ivanov Says:

    > C# – 3.7%
    wow, that’s too little for my favorite language 🙁

  40. samik Says:

    I would like to say to all C# lovers that Microsoft is more concern about there business not bother about your future . they never support previous technologies like asp to .net framework . So guy’s ready for love someone else

  41. alan Says:


  42. amjad Says:

    PHP is web base language SO it comes at second number according to web category but for desktop language fact is c# and java as wel

  43. Serg Says:

    Many thanks long searched good information about ratings of programming languages!

  44. Tamilvanan Says:

    i like Visual Basic6 and .net. be cause it is wide usefull, easy to do programming, more graphical usage and fantastic windows tools.

  45. Serg Says:

    I like C++:)

  46. domon Says:

    i like c# it rocks! it’s plain and simple, as the saying goes Keep It Simple Stupid!

  47. Born To Rule! Says:

    I’m an intemediate programmer to (native C/C++,VC++, Java and a beginer in groovy) and im just curious to research on why not groovy get a direct implemention from JVM in order to be more convenient to speed? (i clear my question here that i don’t want to lost the power coming from JVM i just want to conclude if it could be another way to work in a fast paced language). I too want to request information if it want to be more powerful using a strong native code and groovy binding with the STL, and .NET libraries in addition to creating its own boost in API’s.

  48. Born To Rule! Says:

    sorry for a off topic question, my question sounds like more of a demand =P

  49. Born To Rule! Says:

    i never want to compare C# with JAVA trust me they’re NOT the same but similar. if u think u need to learn go for java(power of API’s and JVM)/VC++(power from STL and .NET) else if ur looking to earn same thing =). if i could help anyone to make there concept clear i’ll be more then glad.

    if anyone need any help and need a partner in there project or something heres my e-mail address, please reference this site before.

  50. Hector Says:

    Java ftw, it has always been my favorite since i saw it on university.

    Btw Visual Basic Sucks

  51. Quorix Says:

    The newer versions of Delphi incorporates the power of native Win32 and .NET, C++ development into one IDE Studio. See

  52. prakash Says:

    the latest survey says php attains the no 1 rank in webdevelopment. In world level,almost more than 70% of website’s are developed under php technology.. i’m very happy to be a php programmer

  53. cora Says:

    c++ is the most convenient and commonly used programming language for me because it’s easy to use and easy to understand. Execution of the program is very accurate.

  54. afterlifebroker Says:

    C and C++ always have a special place in my heart and I greatly admire Python’s simplicity and ease of use. However, all languages are just tools of trade and should be used with good judgment. Programming, in general, has its own logic and once you’ve accustomed to it, learning new languages isn’t that difficult. One doesn’t use a spoon to build a house, but holding a spoon isn’t that different from holding a hammer.

    I just can’t understand why so many people bicker about who’s language of choice is the best or the most popular. See the popularity lists in this article? Learn all of the mentioned languages, it won’t take that much time and will surely arm you with better tools for different situations.

  55. soumyazzz Says:

    i think java is the best amoung programming languages… is simple to learn…….easy to handle………..for serious programming i suggest java than any other language………if u know java throughly i think u can handle any language with out any trouble…… vate for java…………

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  57. Charlie Parker Says:

    Codegear Delphi Is Still The Best Programming Language For Me, Even Though I Use Visual Studio, I Still Prefer Doing My Programs In Delphi Because It’s Still Much Faster Develping In That Environment Rather Than Other Languages, Besides, Some Languages Cannot Incorporate All Classes or Machines To Their IDE’s. In Delphi You Have Access To All Parts Of The Operating System, Even Combining Other apps For Use To It. Hehehe, Sorry Guys, But DELPHI Still Rocks!!!!!!
    For Those Who Insult Delphi, I Challenged You To Build An Enormous System In 2 Days Time, Which Have 40 Coffee Breaks, 5 Hours Sleep & 4 Hours Free Time, Think You Can Do It?

  58. manos Says:

    IMO Java is the best

  59. vikas k vikram Says:

    i think flex is a good tool to work ..its an upcoming tool. and sure that it will head up

  60. vikas k vikram Says:

    its not that simple to learn…but hw it works and hw to work.

  61. Mehrdad Says:

    Delphi Rocks.
    some say: ‘ Delphi is a dead line…’ !!!!!
    I wish I had a dollar every time I heared this since the past twenty years!!! and Delphi still rocks.
    For those suckers who EVEN have not coded with delphi for one hour, I recommend see Delphi 2009, Implementing win32 VCL, .Net, Cpp, and etc. willing to have win64 2010 : goto

    There is Even a PRISM version for .Net fans. but i prefer the native IDE. Visual Studio really SUCKS on IDE comparing to Rad Studio 2009.
    code implementing is also very fast and too much easy in delphi. go experience it.

    For those who care about the speed!!! Build a Graphical 3D model generator with Delphi and also ex C#. Generating takes 5 secs with Delphi and 15 minutes with C# on a same resolution!!! 180 Times Faster Image Processing speed. Go Enjoy Delphi. Yet Rocks.
    Delphi is even going to go alot higher: Embarcadero RoadMap.

  62. Thomas Says:

    I like C++

  63. Amrit Says:

    Hi all,

    I am a php programmar. I respect all programmars who has come in this programming field. Please don’t fight with each other. You all are good programmars. so Please respect to each other. whether they are in delphi or any other languages. Please share your experience with us.


  64. Mud Says:

    What about SOAP

  65. FiaCkeR Says:

    I have programming languages have many. But Delphi was the best.

    Delphi is My Life and Love !
    .::Delphi Lover::.

  66. mark lister Says:

    java because it is user-friendly programming language.

  67. Is C# Now Better Than Java? Says:

    […] up getting pissed off at each other.  That’s why you’ll frequently see developers label the programming language debate as a “religious […]

  68. sunilkumar Says:

    For interview question from professionals for the above languages visit

  69. honey chawla Says:

    i think c language cannot be compared to any computer programming language. it is very easy to understand and yet powerful too. i agree that java is in much demand today but the deligence that c has cannot be viewed in java as this language is case sensitive and it makes it alot complex to understand in a program where to write capital coding and where to write small letters. so i think c is all time favorite for me.

  70. Rob Says:

    We use both VS 2008 and Embarcadero RAD Studio at work. All new development is being done in C# and legacy code is Delphi. I really hate the days I have to work on the Delphi. It’s not the language, but rather the horribly unstable IDE. It might have a bunch of bells and whistles but at least VS 2008 doesn’t give me ILLK8048983838 whatever errors all the time or just plain crash with rtl whatever exceptions. Horrible IDE. Avoid it like the plague. Find an old copy of Delphi 7 if you want to write Win32 code in a stable, fast environment.

  71. uberVU - social comments Says:

    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by sinteractive: What do you think of python???? This is what I read…..

  72. No agreement Says:

    I don’t think there will ever be an agreement on this subject. Which is because the market for programming languages is constantly in flux. Changing, constantly and continuously.

    However, in my opinion, I think a few comments are fair to make.
    1. If you are new to programing or are looking into programing as a career, consider you should probably consider Java or C#. The simplification of these languages seem to be where the market is going.
    2. However, C & C++ have machine level elements that just can not be matched by the higher level languages. In newer versions, both have elements of both higher and lower languages and both are more versatile. They also don’t carry the baggage of the high level languages.
    3. That said, The higher level languages are called that because they are removed from the machine code by a level of abstraction that allows greater portability and functionality on a broader variation in machine capabilities. Thus for most software, programming in high level code is fine and very useful. If your programming general applications and light weight (not specifically code size related)modules use high level like Java.
    4. If you want to learn almost all the details, or you want lighter weight code want to reduce overall baggage and have a high level of accuracy and understanding use C or C++. Remembering that while C and C++ will generally offer you more options. They are more complex and difficult to learn. However, much of the time many of their more obscure options go unused or only used infrquently. It is nice to have option when you need them though. As it can be challenging to conjure up a brand new concept in Java or C# to operate to replace an obscure function that C++, for instance supports directly. Of course most, won’t be writing things like drivers or graphics control modules in Java anyway so you probably won’t ever run into that problem.

    Basically, if you can learn to code in any all of the top four languages, and face it the similarities are greater than the differences, you will be prepared for the future even if one or two of them fall out of favour.

    For me I mostly use Java, but, initially, I took the time to learn C and C++ and I have a better understanding of how the under lying code works because of it.

    If I was just now learning, I would not constrict my self to just one high level language as any one language could fall out of favour and it would compromise your value to the industry if that was the one you were most familiar with.

  73. tanmayee Says:

    which is the most popular and efficiently used programming language????

  74. Dr.Suheil Says:

    What is Pascal / Delphi ?
    Delphi® is one of the most respected and widely used Rapid Application Development (RAD) environments today. Over 1.7 million developers worldwide choose Delphi over other tools because Delphi radically speeds desktop, workstation, touch, kiosk, and Web application development without sacrificing an ounce of programming power or control. Applications built with Delphi are lightning fast, compact, provide rich UIs, and can connect with virtually any database or data source “out-of-the-box”.
    Delphi Key Features:

    * RAD IDE with fast drag-and-drop design
    * More than 250+ VCL controls
    * Built-in touch and gesturing support
    * dbExpress with support for 9 major databases
    * DataSnap n-tier middleware with JSON, REST, HTTP, COM, and XML
    * Debugging support for multi-threaded applications
    * UML / code metrics and audits
    * Target Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 from single source

  75. Ken Says:

    HTML and XML don’t even make the listings?

  76. Santa Claus Says:

    @Ken “HTML and XML don’t even make the listings?”

    I suppose because HTML and XML are not turing-complete programming languages. The “ML” in both acronyms means “Markup Language.”

  77. Reysabs Says:

    A lot of software giants today are trying to create a programming language that is more easy to develop such as Visual language. But nowadays it is really necessary to back into basic scripting to meet the demand of our client.

    If you would ask me of what is the good language to use? then I will ask you first if what sort of programming you do? Personally it is more convenient to use only one language whether you are working on LAN, WAN application, client side or server side. but some clients demmand cannot be meet with this one. Generally I would say when you work on LAN application it is faster to develop using Visual language (VIsual C++, Visual basic, Delphi, visual foxpro..etc.) but if you work on server side depending on the tools but it is essential to know C language since it is widely adopted in most giant company such as Oracle, MS SQL, MySql etc. but if you are developing Web application, depending on your needs it is essential to know the basic of HTML, XTML, PHP, CSS and if you want to go deeper I would recommend to check Java, JavaSript, Phyton, Pearl, Ruby.

    Ive been a programmer for a long time. And even im not fluent to speak and write english but I can write “Hello World” program for almost any programming language, that is starting from old days binary code, Asembly language, C up to the current popular language.

    I know how it hurt when your favorite language will be line-up in a death row. But what can we do? We are all under control of the big software giants. The good news is we can control our destiny by being positive and making things looks easy.

    Base on my long experienced. changing into another language will not hurt you most as long as you have a strong and basic understanding in programming. Remember we (Programmers) had an individual and unique approach in solving a problem specially in these growing demands.

    Personal tips:
    >understand the basic of structural and object oriented programming.
    >practice good programming practice not spaghette type.
    >use subroutines and classess to simplify the main body of the program and easy to trace and trobleshoot.

  78. Gary Says:

    I believe the language debate is over. The issue now is re-usability of code. That means that once a library, framework or component is written, it can be easily used by others to build large and complex systems.

    Which language is most reusable? Java for large and general applications and C for small to medium low level code (drivers etc.) Why not C#? it is too proprietary. Why not other languages? they miss features that allow reusable code: integrated threads, exception handling, type checking, garbage collection, security, and dynamic linking.

    Integrated threads allow a multi-threaded library to be built that will work in many situations. C/C++ have many threading models so portability and compatibility are difficult.

    Exception handling allows a common way for components to signal errors to their users.

    Type checking/boundary checking provides validation for input to libraries so they are less likely to error in unpredictable ways – this adds the reliability needed for robust applications and libraries.

    Garbage collection allows objects to be created in one component and be consumed in another without complex life cycle management – this is essential for large applications built from many disparate and open source components. This is one of the main reasons why there are so many open source libraries in Java.

    Dynamic linking allows components to adapt to different environments and remain efficient. If plugins are natural and easy, the component is easier to configure and adapt to a new environment.

    To move to the next level of code complexity, we must get beyond language and “from scratch” coding and move toward more complex component based building blocks.

    My analogy: The Internet was not possible until everyone finally agreed on a common communication protocol: TCP/IP. Many good protocols like token ring, Novell, Appletalk and X.25 were dropped but the world gained universal connectivity. In the same way, we cannot reach high levels of complexity until we start to agree on how to write a program. Diversity is good while the technology develops – it gives a set of technologies to choose from to determine which stand the test of time. After a basic technology is chosen, however, it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.

    From a career point of view, it is no longer sufficient to know languages, you must also be an expert in the components and frameworks that give you a leg up when developing an application in the language. Most programmers know the language but have limited exposure to the vast array of libraries available to them. To be valuable to the marketplace, you must not produce code, you must produce solutions.

  79. Davy Yabut Says:

    Delphi is still the best programming language. It might not be the most popular but compared to other languages its faster to develop software in delphi. Java sucks! I tried it the development is slow and the program also.

  80. Gary Says:

    I came from a Pascal background and I enjoyed it so I am sympathetic with the Delphi lovers. As far as it being faster to develop or run, that depends on the type of program and the author’ familarity with the languge. Java takes some getting used to but once learned, I would submit that java programs are many times faster to develop because of the reusable code available. Delphi is a good language for windows gui development but in the long run, it is a dead-end. Java has been relatively fast ever since JIT compilers were introduced. GUI programming has been a challenge because of portability issues but Java faces and other libraries have made significant improvements. I have many benchmarks that run faster in Java than in C or C++. This is because Java has many well developed and well optimized libraries – this is a direct result of its portability and popularity.

    Good luck with Delphi but if I were you and I wanted to continue a career in software over the long term, I would switch to Java wherever possible. (Try programming a cell phone in Delphi 🙂

  81. Davy Yabut Says:

    I that the strength of delphi is in windows gui, you can also create website and far better than java. I really disagree when you say that in a long run it is dead-end. Its not a dead end. As a matter of fact a code written in delphi 1 can still run in delphi 2010 with minor change of codes so its never dead end. What is the problem with java is they want to support all platforms in effect it become so slow and hard to maintain. Delphi is super light weight and smooth.

  82. Davy Yabut Says:

    By the way PHP also rocks! I love also PHP

  83. Says:

    hey this argument is senseless. First, we should consider what kind of program we are going to develop. Then we should argue about the programming language. Let’s say you’re going to program microcontroller, then you shouldn’t say anything about java or c#. If you are going to develop web based application c or c++ couldn’t be compatible. Anyways, Java is just good enough for the most people(meaning for the most high level developers).

  84. Davy Yabut Says:

    Yeah, I agree this argument is senseless. We are bias in choosing the language we like. But delphi would have been the best language if anders heilsberg(the creator of delphi and also c#) did not go to microsoft. Thats the time that delphi popularity crashed.

  85. What is the most popular programming language? « daniel’s devel blog Says:

    […] By Daniel Well, the answer is Java … according to the TIOBE Programming Community Index. Other statistics also announce Java as the most popular one. C/C++ is following closely but is still […]

  86. Java Suck !!! Says:

    Java Sucks big time !! it is on of the slowest languages i have ever laid my eyes on . C/C++ eats java, delphi etc alive.

  87. Whatever... Says:

    Salute to “Java Suck”: It’s always nice to hear the well reasoned comments of a teenager.

  88. bsdhacker Says:

    Java is a solid language, but I hate using it. It is slow (relative to C/C++) and for some reason it makes me feel dirty. I can’t really explain it. I would much rather use Python than Java.

    C & C++ are definitely kings of the hill. Whoever said writing large scale applications in C/C++ is like cutting your lawn with scissors is obviously an amatuer developer. C# is a nice language, but it lowers the entry point for becoming a developer, and as such, you get a bunch of very poorly designed projects.

    Don’t get me wrong, C/C++ are not without their problems… but if you want to become a very solid developer, you need to learn them so as to understand what goes on underneath the hood if you will.

  89. Vollhorst Says:

    Java’s leading the stats. I know another criteria for measurement:
    Suicide count of desperates that tried to cope with the complexity of a dev language.
    1. JAVA
    2. JAVA Webframeworks (JSF etc.)
    3. JAVA EE & Glassfish
    4. Pearl

  90. bilguun Says:

    what do you guys say about spring framework?

  91. Arash M. Dehghani Says:

    I like Java dynamic class loader and I think this is one of the most important reason that Java became popular. C and C++ are wonderful.

  92. nick lock Says:

    what about gentee it’s not listed

  93. martin Says:

    I like whatever language the company is using that is willing to pay me huge sums of money to write applications for dummies like yourselves

  94. jitendra Says:

    (Reysabs Says:January 3rd, 2010 at 4:51 pm )
    hello Reysabs, you shared truth.. n i really appreciate it

  95. jitendra Says:

    what about namespaces,dlls when we use it on page while loading it ? may it make page heavy and get time to load it in browser.? i have big question

  96. The Danish Dynamo Says:

    can we ask google or bing to run the query

    SELECT FileType, COUNT(*) AS ‘Pages’
    FROM LinkTable
    GROUP BY FileType


    FileType Pages
    ———– ———
    asp 63564535434
    aspx 4554345
    php 5

    This means asp classic is the most popular on the web, but according to developers it is not

  97. bharathi Says:

    yes, this arguement senseless, which is program is best that depends only what kind software going to develop …. thats only… but java is the great programming for most applications … web development side php is the best language .. in my suggestion the programming are divided into depending their field and ask what is the best it is good one… ok ..

  98. vijay Says:

    java is best and secure…

  99. Ahmad Says:

    Hi, I have seen many programming languages they are scripting, objected, server side and client side programming languages. “But why the World Wide Web Consortium cannot have a standard programming language that can do everything” why cannot someone standardise the one dynamic, consistent, secure, reliable and user friendly language into ONE.

  100. No Money Says:


    I truely appreciate your time concerning over this and as far as i concerned Yes, the goal of SUN macrosystem is to come up with a language that could perform all possible task possible yet its JAVA.

  101. jchips12 Says:

    java,c/c++ are great programming languages. i love the concept of J2SE and J2EE. For a solid OOP, c++ is still the best (multiple iheritance… etc.) J2ME is good but i prefer objective-C for mobile apps development. when i need to code firmware, it is always dependent on the device you will use… choices are C, Verilog, VHDL ….

    my all time favorite is JAVA(high level) and C/C++ (firmware), but im very flexible to adopt to other programming languages.

    master 2 language that you like and know the basics of others and you will have a better future in software development.

    there is no debate on what is the best programming language. the question is how fast can you adapt to the specific need?

  102. jchips12 Says:

    at the end of the day, they are all just different syntax doing the same thing. try not to focus on the syntax because at some point in time it will fade. try focusing on the “same thing”, the solutions to the problem and the concept in computer science applied to the problem.

  103. justme Says:

    Google what language Java was written in and you will see that it is C / C++
    One reason why C & C++ are so useful is that you can use them to write other languages. Try writing a virtual machine that is not dead sloooow in Java

  104. mohsen Says:

    I LOVE C#

  105. Looking For a language Says:

    I would just like to thnks the 104 posties for there posts and great point of views i would just like to finish in saying that C++ looks to be the winner here i will also look up into java and get an understanding of both thank you all it was a great read

  106. cyrus Says:

    do you think Visual Studio 2010 is good today?

  107. EricTN Says:

    Visual Studio 2010 is awesome and C# for the win.

  108. ripple-effect Says:

    It really depends on what you want to do with the language. C and C++ are very versatile but can be overly complicated for some tasks and large projects. Java is more widely supported on mobile devices but that is about as far as Java goes. Use any language as long as it suits your work. C# is a version of C and C++ that is more suited for large projects, but keep in mind that if you know any one of the C languages the others are a breeze to learn.
    Good luck!

  109. Rajib Deka Says:

    Delphi is the best. Once in a lifetime you should experience coding with it. I am sure you will never want to leave it.

    Only problem is it is expensive and not free like other langauge’s. Also it lacks marketing policies like other’s….

  110. superD Says:

    C#,VB.NET and TSQL rocks!

  111. Shimmy Says:

    The results shown here is bullshit.

    C# is the top, then goes VB.NET then Java.
    Microsoft’s BCL can’t be beaten especially not after producing XAML/.NET 4

  112. Taser Says:

    Sorry, Java is #1 – the new Cobol. Not because it’s the best but because it is free, is not proprietary and has more programmers, platforms, instances, and lines of code than the rest.

    Microsoft just fell below Apple in market cap. If that keeps up, programmers will be scrambling to get off proprietary C#, VB, and even uSoft C++. New platforms are web, iPhone, Android etc. (i.e. Java/Javascript) Microsoft will be left in the dust for trying to hold developers hostage.

    BTW, it’s hard to take language advice from someone who writes: “The results shown here is bullshit”. It’s back to grammer school for little Shimmy.

  113. Paul Me Says:

    Visual Basic 6 is still the giant of programming languages, we have done most of the software implementations in it and has, by far, the most huge software implementations of all time and still has.

    Is someone who can contradict me? I think not !

  114. Anda la osa Says:

    ASP is not in the list?, i wanna say that the patron of microsoft copying “things” looks decadent, and by the way how much different is the code between c# 2.0 and 3.0(or 4.0), because i wanna learn it with 2.0 starting now!

  115. Simon Says:

    @Anda la osa: ASP.NET is a framework (API) not a programming language.

  116. flame Says:

    Sorry C# guys, you have no clue what real programming is. ahhh yes! they have that GC crap so they won’t have to wipe their asses after shitting objects all over the code…My advise: don’t shit.

  117. Majed Says:

    I agree this argument is senseless .
    well i started programming with pascal(my love) then VB, but its time to learn JAVA .
    i agree Delphi is great programming language but its old and dying nowa days .
    Thank you all for advice

  118. samy youssef Says:

    Now where is ASP.NET lying in all these lists?!
    I think this lang is dedicated to web sites along with javasrcipt;PHP
    ASP.NET got very strong verfication tools, ADO methods and much much more

  119. Madhu Rakhal Says:

    I think PHP is the most popular programming language ever used after JAVA

  120. Fateh Dawud Says:

    I believe C# will take over whole web programming world, I believe Microsoft will make this java like programming language very easy to learn and will take over java and PHP world easity. Because C# is very powerfull.

  121. JoshuaKissoon Says:

    i’ve read almost all of your comments and arguments. an i’m just a teenager who is a 3rd year computer science student, i’v learnt c, html, javascript, css, ajax, openGL, java, php, and now learning .net..

    Personally i think java is much simpler to use than the others, but it kind of depends on the type of program u need to build. for web applications- php integrated with javascript and html, etc would be more suited, for game designing(Using openGL, etc) c or c++ would be more suited, and for day to day UI applications i would prefer java or some other high level language.

    But in the end the best programming language is the one best suited for the application you are developing.

  122. Jeyaprabhu Says:

    C,C++,JAVA,PHP,RUBY ON RAILS Are all Best , becuase i have work with only these language

  123. Programmer Says:

    who says C++ is not suited for the web. U can make some great web apps using Qt and Wt frameworks. IMO C++ is more versatile and widely used than Java ( which is mostly web ). Almost all major applications are programmed in C++ Java like bjarne says is a good marketed language.

  124. Bjarne strounstrunz Says:

    Hi guys I am the inventor of C++…. actually it was a joke, but people taken it seriously!!!
    The best programming language is assembly, of course, or even better, direct machine code

  125. ez Says:

    all in listed are not in categorized..

    programming language dynamic webpage design

  126. Taser Says:

    I see a lot of advice that goes something like: “just use the most suited language for the job at hand”. This ignores many of the other considerations:
    1. How long will the language be around?
    2. Can I get support for my new platform?
    3. Can I hire someone to help me if I need it?
    4. Can I get the libraries I need to keep down development costs?
    5. Do I need to port it to other platforms?
    6. What are the license costs for the development environment?
    7. What are the run-time license costs?
    8. What will happen if my application grows in complexity?
    9. Will my customers/users accept it?
    10. How well are the finer points of the language documented?
    11. Can it be integrated into other applications or frameworks?
    and on and on…

  127. javac++ Says:

    Wasn’t the java compiler rewritten in java from C which officially made it a language all its own? But the JVM is still written in C right? iv been learning java for a few months now but haven’t delved so deep as to learn what the bits and pieces are written in. Its a great language and now my primary. C++ is my secondary.

  128. robinglow Says:

    i like it your work and your interest in permoting these such type of good work because i like programming very much and i am a very good programmer and i have devlop and design lots of programs

  129. Asgar Says:

    I am ASP.NET developer in C#. Before .NET I was very interested to learn JAVA becaseu this is a beautiful programming language. Now I see PHP is very popular web programming language.

    Can any body suggest me should I learn Java or PHP? Or I should stick up in C# only, as I am very interested to learn web programming language.

  130. jjthomas Says:

    I think small devices such as mobile phones are now done in java – the droid for example. The thinking used to be that any embedded systems programing would be done in C, but it’s not always true. iPhone is programmed in Objective C which is a super set of C (in the same way C++ is).

    Also hopefully your programming language and tools allow you to make websites because desktop software is being phased out. The reason is maintainability – you have to install and upgrade on the desktop. Also, operating system upgrades can affect desktop software, so it’s not the best choice unless the application is really sophisticated and specialized.

  131. james Says:

    for me java is the best

  132. Programmer Says:


  133. jockey Says:

    Almost programmers will choose programming language depending his/her needing, so basically, the best is algorithmic program to resolve issue.

  134. Mark Says:

    I really like Delphi for Windows apps, and Ruby for web db apps.

    I think it’s funny people are saying they think Delphi is too old, but they like C++. C++ is older than Delphi!

  135. tctc Says:

    For me its about building massive data structures in core for logic to work on, loading normalised data in core.
    Its C’s memory pointers that keep this clean. I look at languages and see if they have a malloc equivalent, if not drop it.
    C for application programs.

  136. maxmaximus Says:

    It is better to look at programming language like your normal spoken language, What determine your satisfaction in a language is also related to how proficient you are in the uses of that language. Aim to go beyond being a master in your chosen language. If you become an authority in your chosen language, you could create almost anything using that language. So whatever language you choose,try to learn it inside out,then it won’t disappoint you in time of need.

  137. Tezzeroth Says:

    Quick question: Is learning ‘object orientated analysis and design’ important for getting your head around these languages. Im working through a textbook at the minute with aims to build dynamic websites.

    Should i learn or php and javascript (not to mention sql or mysql)

  138. Anda la osa (is Back) Says:

    Anda la osa is what Homer say in spanish instead of e.g its fine, its much more funny in spanish… I wil recommend you ASP.NET rather than PHP because even it is more complex, ASP.NET looks very strong, you know Microsoft support, i recommendo you “ASP.NET Unleash” take a look and you will find out that its a solid technolgy. From Germany 2006 -GC Ballack BOMB!!! and WWE Chokeslam From Hell rules

  139. shruti anne Says:

    java rocksss

  140. Cio the great Says:

    For me java is the best of all because it is open source and you can use classes and store to be used in the future.You can see the errors through its compiler.Unlike, php that you see errors where it is best remember it always.Try java I assure you that you will appreciate it..

  141. javaisthebest Says:

    I always think that Java is the best so here’s it’s been proven.

  142. liz Says:

    is programming languages hard? i want to pursue a career in programming languages.

  143. priya Says:

    i want to build my career in development and software line so what shuld i learn. and which language is popular in these days proper.

  144. BORN TO RULE Says:

    @priya The “popular” in a sense of “most” industry usage language would be java and .NET. Also, python being an efficient & dynamic language fall under category of “popular” languages.

    hope it helps 😉

  145. liz Says:

    is programming languages hard? also, which language is easier to learn?

  146. Musa Musa Says:

    PHP rock and seem to much easier for beginners in programming and it has a large community backing it with lots of examples solution and applications. personally i like to go with what makes me productive, and for now it PHP. I also occasionally programme in C# (Strictly desktop apps) and javascript and

  147. Uh huh..and.. Says:

    Unless you are a freelancer or in a position to make business critical decisions regarding application development platforms, you’re stuck with whatever development environment that the company who hired you is using or whatever the technology calls for. However, I would agree that there are platforms that offer better performance and platforms that offer expressive syntax.
    Therefore, find a development area that you find interesting and profitable, and go for the gusto. I have been developing web applications for many years and have had the pleasure of working with PHP, Java, Vbscript, C#,, ActionScript, Javascript, and SQL, all of which have pros and cons. Focus on an area of technology whether embedded systems, web systems, desktop systems, etc., an area that is profitable and interesting to you, and see where you end up.
    Finally, with whatever platform you find yourself in professionally, always point your development efforts toward scalability and re-usability. I don’t care what your language is or how much you may think you know about it, if your applications don’t scale, you have missed the mark.

  148. Mario Ray Mahardhika Says:

    Language war thread, I love it!!!

    C: awkward unreadable code with stupid semantics where the compiler is no more than a translating machine

    C++: awkwardness lifted to a stupider (if this word ever exists) level

    Java: the best of Pascal family and the worst of C family, admitting to be a member C familiy of languages to gain popularity without proper ability

    Pascal, including all Object Pascal implementations (Free Pascal, Lazarus and Delphi) they are ONE language, so don’t separate them: the best of the best programming language ever made, readable syntax, clear and smart semantics, modern features, following language trends (and trendsetter of some modern language features stolen by C family: garbage collection, bytecode, interface based inheritance, etc.)

    VB: M$ slave programming language. period.

    C#: Delphi in the M$ world

    PHP: C in the web world

    Perl: C in the text processing world

    Haskell: what mathematics purists love, good if you’re good at math as well (meaning that you can model all your problems in math correctly)

    Prolog: what logic purists love, good for AI, natural language processing, and state space search based problem solving

  149. James Says:

    C/C++ for me .. Although Java may be the most popular one these days but still it cant match the class of C/C++. In the next 5-10 years java will be a dead language but still u will see C/C++ running around like today. People say Java is platform independent … Java is itself a platform(JVM).. so by programming in java (or .NET) your’e tied to a specific platform and working for the commercial benefit of that platform / company .. only reason java and .NET are popular today bcoz they are well marketed and backed by big corporations ( MS and Oracle ).

  150. Mario Ray Mahardhika Says:

    > only reason java and .NET are popular today bcoz they are well marketed and backed by big corporations ( MS and Oracle ).

    agree, good marketing often kills good programming languages.

    anyway, since AFAIK Oracle changes Java license (don’t remember for their tools only or for the language itself) that doesn’t allow you to create commercial applications freely, I don’t think the language will survive.

    and Java sucks, it steals Pascal’s strong typing, Pascal-S’ bytecode compilation + bytecode interpreter, Oberon’s garbage collection, etc.

  151. shalendra Says:

    .solanki is one of the best

    try it u will forget all other

  152. Born To Rule Says:

    @ Mario Ray Mahardhika haha i have to agree with you bro. but java is the best of both worlds (Pascal and C and may others).

    Also, Microsoft killed C++ standard. the Standard C++ code won’t compile in Visual Studio.

    haha and yes VB is a M$ slave programming language and they say they might stop playing around with it

  153. yamato Says:

    java is the BEST in all programmer.

  154. ashutosh Says:

    To Gabi,
    Ya you r true that c,c++ are the most popular languages but that is the old time thoughts, have u ever dreampt of using reusability concept using ,”c”.
    And why u are praiseing so much to C++ when it dosenot fully implements the object oriented concepts it self.
    C,C++ fails to provide security and the only utilisation of these languages are done where the application is small.
    u can’t even imagin the senario when we need to implement big application with C,C++ cause it dose not implement automatic memory management.
    When these languages are not full filling the basic requirement itself how can you say that the market is nopt good for java and .net.
    So please modify u r comment all the languages have there own benifits.

  155. ashutosh Says:

    Salute to .NET, C , C++ all are best

  156. ashutosh Says:

    To James,
    Dude i think u r having wrong thought about the .Net and JAVA both are platform independent and CIL (.NET) and JVM (JAVA) both are just hte software that is been used to convert the byte code developed by these software to machine code so the main advantage is u can make the byte code and then convert it into machine code using these cil,jvm in any os. But can u do this with C,C++.
    so dont provide wrong points…………

  157. ashutosh Says:

    @ Taser,
    Think u r the mad person who just asnt to put the views without any solid proofs,
    microsoft is the no. 1 companey of the world from past two dacades and is continue to lead the market and what mobile os are u talking about u dont know that the pone with windows os are at the huge demands.
    and i think u r not living in this world without microsoft produts u r life will become like hell or worst than that……………………..

    I am working as program manager and opted .Net after getting healthy experience in Java and belive me Java is going to freeze in coming years and many of the persons are changing there platform because of that………

  158. soe yan naing Says:

    i’m learning programmin. But i don’t know what is the best and useful.
    Tell me what to choice, please!

  159. trolis Says:

    It’s no use to argue which language is better – every popular language is good for their specific task. PHP is good for web as C is good for low level programming as Basic is good for rapid GUI development on Windows.
    For a good programmer there is no difference what language to use, just as long as this language solves given problem. For a specialist it takes one week max to learn syntax and most of the libraries of a new language.

    @soe yan naing: I began from Basic, though someone says, that it is bad to do so. If you use Windows, you can download Visual Studio 2010 Express for free (or Microsoft Small Basic for free – it’s simpler), search for a free learning literature (just google “Microsoft learn visual basic”), and that’s all.

  160. Is a bachelor’s degree in programming or a certification in a programming language more valuable on a resume? | Free Degree Give Away Says:

    […] (here’s a few lists of what is considered the most common languages from different sources: Generally the school will have chosen a language to teach you in but it’s worth asking […]

  161. elffazee Says:

    every time Java is first but if you walk into a software store, among 100 softwares you will find zero or only 10 Java softwares, and again, how many Java applications do you use daily? still C/C++. Microsoft still use C++ for MS Office and for core OS drivers. programming language designers are politicians so don`t let them buy you. stay with the C/C++ family, what you can do in any other language will be more stable and fast in C/C++.

  162. rocelyn Says:

    For me, it is more adavantage to use PHP… because, in coding PHP, you dont need a system
    requirements to run it… PhP can code on notepad for windows and gedit for linux…

    Moreover, PhP platforms are not needed a high or I rather say a large space to install it…
    And to be able to run the application, its just needed a browsers…

    So, it is more approve to me to use PHP for any other programming languages.

  163. nandy Says:

    hey! gues i m new for programming but i don’t now anything about programming. I any one here to help me for give me suggestion abput programing.

    If any one here.please submite your comment here.

  164. karthik Says:

    what kind of programming languages are generally used in operating systems????

  165. yubraj Says:

    i love to program in the jave coz it is very interesting and you dont have to code every thing.
    any way JAVA is future,

  166. da Says:

    I am new to programming but if I had to choose one programming language it would be Zebra#. This language doesn’t currently exist but maybe someone here can fix that.

  167. DMac Says:

    One thing that bothers me about all this babble about which language is better than the other etc… is first you need to figure out what you need to develop! If you’re working on a static website, then html will probably work for you… if you’re working on a web application, then php or java will probably work good for you… if you are developing client server desktop apps, then Delphi / C# are probably the best, if you are developing software that needs to use every last grain of horsepower you can get, then C / C++ is what you are looking for… though Delphi can do a good job here too… wait a minute… did I mention Delphi twice… oh ya, that’s right… check this out… you might be amazed at what Delphi can do… Microsoft has blinded and brainwashed the development market for years… it’s time we looked at other alternatives;

  168. Gnanapala Says:

    Assembly Language

  169. yyyyyyyyyyyyy Says:


    haha, another micro$oft junkie, that’s just fine.

    Look man, Java is somehow saved by OpenJDK, and some really good, cleaner and simpler implementations like processing and scala… I think every Java programmer should check processing and scala out…

    Actually Microsoft makes life more difficult for everyone who needs to port the qualities of their code, they’re just deprecating C++, making it POSIX incompatible and focusing in C#, Mono is in a really slow pace of development, so you’re screwed.

    If you only want to develop programming languages under Windows it’s OK, just don’t come here and brag about it, there are so many already.

    There were implementations of microcode made in Java under some ARM/RISC Microprocessors, and like Programmer just had mentioned, with Wt is possible to make web application in C++.

  170. David Says:

    Java was the main language taught during my computer science degree at Adelaide University. I always liked its simplicity and its power – the Java API is pretty daunting but it covers everything one could possibly want.

    Recently I had a brief into to Python. This is also a very nice language – simple, elegant and powerful.

  171. Lisa Says:

    Looking to go back into programming, I learnt Java, C, C++ (in my degree) plus a few others, what are the most required languages now though?

    Any ideas anyone?

  172. DMac Says:

    Hi Lisa, you can go to

    to get a rough idea of which languages are popular, growing, or dying. I work for a company that uses C#, Delphi, PHP, and C to do the bulk of development. Like I said in my earlier post, it all depends on what type of programming you are going to do. We do automation programming here, which I have to use ‘C’ because it needs to be fast, small, and talk directly to the hardware. Our Desktop dev is done mostly with Delphi, Web apps are PHP, etc… You should also look at SQL as well, to get a feel for how you can talk to and work with databases. Until you know which type of data server you will be working with, I would avoid learning any of the proprietary languages they provide, for example MS-SQL Server has T-SQL, Oracle has PL/SQL etc… These are good to learn down the road, once you know what type of server you’ll be working with, but SQL works on them all… so it’s good to get a handle on it.

    This is a really hard question to answer, and I’m sure there will be lots of different opinions… but here’s a little suggestion for you. If you are looking to get into mainstream development, and are looking for the quickest way to land a job, go to a job search engine for your area, and search for specific languages in the job description, then note the amount of results returned. You will quickly figure out which is the most popular for your area and the most likely to get you hired in a reasonable amount of time.

    You’ll find that a lot of places will list more languages that one could possibly learn and be proficient in, so try to look at the main requirements of the job and make a list from there.

    I sure hope this helps you on your way to getting back into programming…


  173. Lisa Says:

    Wow Danny, Great answer, you’ve helped me loads 🙂 I’ll begin my search! I loved programming in Java, but like you said its best to know what’s most required and what’s gonna get me work, which is the ultimate goal!

    Thanks again Danny

  174. DMac Says:

    No problem Lisa, if you ever need any further help…


  175. LongLiveDelphi Says:

    Delphi is by far the best. I programed in most languages and I say LongLiveDelphi.
    See Delphi 2010

  176. DMac Says:

    Hey LongLiveDelphi… all I have to say is “You Da Man”!!!

    Delphi is by far the best language I’ve ever used… my post at number 167 has a link to some software that’s been developed using Delphi… people need to take a look at it. For all of our interfacing here between the computers and the hardware, I use Delphi, nothing else compares. I had the chance to chat with a fella from Vancouver that designed the animated LED’s that made the Olympic rings appear to be moving. A development team had tried to do it with C# and it was failing fast… they didn’t think they were going to make it happen in time, then my buddy stepped in, got rid of the C# stuff, used Delphi and the rest is history!

  177. oldskūl Says:

    COBOL forevār!

  178. MrCQ Says:

    C++ loser

  179. Mr Madx Says:

    Delphi XE 2011 is better than Visual Studio 2010 and jbuilder java(eclipse)
    Visual Studio 2010 have fatal error accessing in the virtual address and always rely on the framework updates from microsoft but not so bullet proof and slow in the databse side also long time installing it rather than Delphi XE2011 is more faster than ever 5times faster than visual studio bullet proof and have no limitations can create any applications created by delphi like skype,fruity loops,power archiver, etc, even mobile and any appication or database even php or c# is all there and other stuff soon embarcadero RAD delphi will be powering the future. They are so humble that they stay silent like the giant sleeps until the giant will be awake. Jbuilder and other borland products was already bought by embarcadero not like java from oracle they will soon user will pay a license using java rather than a open source type what a sad story in the future user will convert to any language rather than java. Still Delphi is one of the picks in this year and forward programmers in the world will see that delphi will overpower other languages.

  180. DMac Says:

    Hey, Mr Madx… I like the way you speak! Delphi will rule someday… then Anders Hejlsberg will be begging Embarcadero to let him work there! 🙂

    I did a test here… created a quick and simple application using VS-2010 then Rad Studio XE. Single form with a data bound grid, drag and dropped everything… Both apps queried our MS-SQL server. The table had 197000 rows to return… C# took 19 seconds, Delphi took 4 seconds to return the same data. The exe foot print was 74 MB in Delphi with all rows returned, the C# foot print was 139 MB with all rows returned… that’s not including the size of the .NET run-time libraries. Delphi out performed Microsoft by a huge margin, querying a Microsoft database… go figure! People need to see just how efficient Delphi is… I spoke to Marco Cantu via email and told him I’m on a crusade to get Delphi back to the top… he agreed. Now we just need more people on this band wagon!


  181. iqbal Says:

    c++ is the mother of all language

  182. Voice of Reason Says:

    Quite b1tch1ng ya bunch of geeks! And yes C is the mother of all language. Not C++!

  183. elf1984 Says:

    Assembly is the grandma of all languages not C. lol

  184. Linus Says:

    I prefer C#. It pays my bills.

  185. elf1984 Says:

    PHP pays pays my bills

  186. Mike Says:

    There is only ONE computer programming language, that is LabVIEW.
    The others are merely logic expressions, mathematical formulae. LabVIEW is a graphical programming language truly interfaced into the computer via a color display. The others could be written in pencil on a napkin and given to graduate students to figure out, hence no computer required!
    The future is with direct communication with the computer, not graduate students. LabVIEW is the only truly -computer- language!

  187. Spetson Serikawa Says:

    I’m a programmer.
    I use html, php, java script and action script (flash) when I’m developing for the web.
    When I am programming Win32 applications, I use C + + and Pascal.
    I have programmed in Pascal and C + + for the last 20 years of my life.

    The only difference I see when I’m programming in pascal or c + +, is that Pascal (Delphi) is a little faster and less complicated to do things, and requires fewer lines of code and implementing classes compared to c + +.

    But the result is the same, if you know what you’re doing.

    The conclusion is: There is no best programming language.
    The best programming language is the language that you are familiar or good on it.


  188. DMac Says:

    Well I can’t believe that no one has responded to “Mike” yet… so I have to throw something out there… Mike, Buddy, LabVIEW??? Are you really serious about your post… or was this a joke? Here’s a test for you…

    I need a Client / Server database application written that will record patient information, and link all patient data to X-Rays and CAT Scan images which can then be viewed by doctors in a hospital in another country… they need the ability to add their results through recorded dictation, while at the same time the family physician can monitor all results and updates… and this is just the first level of development…

    My question… how long will it take you to develop something like that using LabVIEW?


  189. Mike Says:

    Your application doesn’t require a computer. Conceptually a large number of graduate students could do it in the library, no challenge… If you choose to use a computer then use a computer’s abilities not just soup up human thought. LabVIEW uses data flow, is naturally parallel, and is a graphical language for input and output. In many bench marked tests programmers are remarkedly faster with LabVIEW than with other conceptually antiquated languages. Gotcha…

  190. Steve Says:

    As a user of both Delphi and C# I use Delphi by choice and C# because my employer drank the M$ Kool-aid. C# is a nice product, but it is nowhere near as productive as Delphi when it comes to developing Windows applications. Delphi desktop applications are also much snappier than the .Net counterparts.

  191. DMac Says:

    Mike, Mike, Mike… so you’re telling me that after all these years of developing that we should all have been using LabVIEW??? You do realize that without the “Real” programmers that develop in C, C++ and Pascal (ie Delphi) there would be no LabVIEW???

    The company I work for has an Automation Engineer and guess what him and I are working on right now… I’m re-writing all of our OPC Client services in Delphi, and creating an OPC Server to communicate with our PLC’s so we can remove LabVIEW from our entire building… it’s the worst God Aweful system to maintain, add to, enhance, trouble shoot, debug… should I go on??? Good luck with LabVIEW… I’ll stick to real development, on real computers, harnessing real power from the CPU’s.

    PS: Why don’t you look at the Tiobe index for Programming languages and tell me what number LabVIEW is at??? What… can’t find it??? Scroll down to the section that says “The next 50 languages” and I think you’ll find it in there… around number 75… I’ll stick in the top 20…


  192. Mike Says:

    Anyone writing black and white sequential code is wasting their time and writing slow programs. Human thinking is inherently linear. Computers compute using data flow. Parallelizers are the key to speed. LabVIEW is the leading pioneering language that thinks like a computer.

    The tell on your languages is that they can be emulated by a flock of graduate students with pencil and paper. They are not natively optimized for binary computation. Multiple cores have blown away the internal structure of literary languages, written line by line.

    LabVIEW, for the uninitiated, uses color, line width, and style for data flow designation, for example. It is graphical, using geometric shapes for operations. It is infinitely extensible using click through to deeper structure making it virtually 3 Dimensional. Thus, its highest layer is automatically visual documentation.

    Using LabVIEW teaches a programmer to think like a computer. The linear languages mentioned attempt to run a computer like a human thinks, which is wasteful. It is cross-species tyranny.

    Maybe if you watched the new movie Tron you would get it…

    Happily on the Game Grid,
    Mike Maish

  193. Marshall Says:

    Java is an application code.

    I say AJAX is the future.

  194. Spetson Serikawa Says:

    I’ve been using Ajax with Php + mysql (combined) with good results in my work lately.
    But I’m curious, I always considered ajax := javascript.
    And you’re not the first person I see referring to AJAX this way.
    I have also seen this in the media (magazines, websites, etc.)
    Ajax is actually being considered as a programming language?

  195. DMac Says:


    And LabVIEW can be emulated by a bunch of Kinder Garden students with colored crayons and paper…

    Again I say good luck with LabVIEW!

  196. Deepak Agarwal Says:

    Java is most popular,java’s bytecode magic is awesome which no other language can match up.After java comes C.Since windows is most widely used os ,thats why C is still existing fruitfully.Moreever ,C is the Base language or i wld rather say the mother language….

    thanks…hv a good time……

  197. Shobha Says:

    I like java.It’s a rocking language.

  198. Taabu Says:

    I was planning to learn a programming language n frm this, i have learnt to go for Java n PHP period.

  199. Zeeshan Says:

    C++ is good for Embedded programming or not???
    Plz give me some reasons in against or in favor of this statement…..

  200. Quora Says:

    What programming languages are most appealing to developers working in startups? And why?…

    I don’t see how PHP can be a dated technology. People are still using it a lot. Also, .NET may be not used much in startups but it’s hardly a dated technology (it’s going strong in enterprise). Just look here how each of these languages stand: http:…

  201. Jimmy Will Says:

    I like c, c++ & java…

  202. DMac Says:

    Hello Zeeshan, for embedded programming, C/C++ or Delphi all appear to work very well. It depends on what you’re doing… we use boards supplied by a company called Rabbit, and they have their own version of a C compiler called Dynamic C for developing all the code to control the embedded processor, though the IDE was developed in Delphi. C is probably still the best and most light weight language out there for directly accessing processors…


  203. OLIVES jean-Michel Says:

    I have extensively learned languages from assembly to java. Let me state the the logic-simplicity of a language is not everything. For instance i understand the architecture of C#, but this language, when associated with microsoft environment uses so many components, that we need a huge disk and ram to get a simple hello world application. This kind of stupidity we used to avoid in heroic times of programming. We programmers adopt the same logic when possible that prevails in mathematics : simple is beautiful ( so Microsoft is really ugly ).
    So platform is ALSO important. What i see here is that DELPHI is underrated by the profession because what counts in companies is being hype, Mic certified, bla bla… But everyone knows that for rapid and solid stuff u will use DELPHI for windows development. I don’t state this because am advertising for them, i used to create windows in C and assembly. This was the best thing to get thin applications but involved tons of hours. Delphi is the best way to work fast with no nonsense IDE.
    Java, C++, C are all interesting when u know how to use them for specific tasks. A good programmer is not a believer, he is able to be flexible, to have many weapons in his hands and to target efficiently : no, we will not cgi in C++ when we have more convenient ways to do server-side programming, but why not using C++ for creating interesting class architectures etc.

  204. DMac Says:

    Hey OLIVES jean-Michel, I love hearing when another developer bashes Microsoft “Bloatware” and realizes that Delphi is still the best language on the market for Win32 Applications! The company I work for has another developer here and he is PRO C# all the way… it drives me nuts! Anytime I so much as mention Delphi, he shakes, his voice trembles and he almost goes into convulsions! Still… I think I do it more for spite now than anything! I use PHP for any web development I do, I use Nu-Sphere’s IDE which works quite nice, but I have been watching some videos on Embarcadero for RadPHP XE… it looks pretty awesome and it appears that they have embraced the same level of powerful simplicity they have in Delphi… I think I will probably switch at some point.


  205. elf1984 Says:

    Delphi for Windows GUI, PHP for web, Python is the master

    The Zen of Python, by Tim Peters

    Beautiful is better than ugly.
    Explicit is better than implicit.
    Simple is better than complex.
    Complex is better than complicated.
    Flat is better than nested.
    Sparse is better than dense.
    Readability counts.
    Special cases aren’t special enough to break the rules.
    Although practicality beats purity.
    Errors should never pass silently.
    Unless explicitly silenced.
    In the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess.
    There should be one– and preferably only one –obvious way to do it.
    Although that way may not be obvious at first unless you’re Dutch.
    Now is better than never.
    Although never is often better than *right* now.
    If the implementation is hard to explain, it’s a bad idea.
    If the implementation is easy to explain, it may be a good idea.
    Namespaces are one honking great idea — let’s do more of those!

  206. Abhishek Says:

    i like java language bcoz it is secure language and also provides internet security and softwares developed in the java is more realiable

  207. SIJO THOMAS Says:

    I like C,C++ AND java

  208. oscommerce development Says:

    Hey thanks for the great post.. Its truly very informative…!!!

  209. abdulnasir hamidi Says:

    C# is best but not worth anything! (It’s just .net not c# and not used in linux)
    Python – my favorite – and Ruby are slow! Java is not bad. C/C++ is best choice.

  210. Harry Says:

    AJAX is not a programming language. It is just a group of interrelated web development methods used on the client-side to create interactive web applications. (wikipedia)

    – Java, C# are best for enterprise applications
    C/C++ are best for embedded devices, microcontrollers
    – For web programming PHP + Zen/Symfony, ASP.NET + C#/VB.NET, Ruby + Rails are best language+framework
    – Scala, F#. Erlang, Haskel are best for parallel programming

  211. chirag Says:

    i was used much langs in this software& web application
    but very most easy bcoz it’s execution on codding and looping concept is much batter than C/C++,JAVA,VB,C# etc…..

  212. Gennadi Says:

    I think that everyone is comparing languages designed for totally different reasons. Everyone’s comparing apples to houses, in a sense. There are web programming languages, like PHP, ASP(.NET)(not a language but a framework), etc. There are desktop languages, which split into two (or three) categories. There are high level languages, like Visual Basic, C++, C#, etc. These are usually used for ease to make things like GUIs, database interfaces, etc. There are mid-level languages like C, that can be used for everything from static libraries to drivers. And there are low-level ones like Assembly. These are used when most efficiency and accuracy is needed. For example, to connect to a network, contact the server, wait for the response, parse the response, send a reply, wait for the…
    These are totally different languages designed for totally different purposes. Stop comparing PHP to Assembly.

  213. Mike Says:

    Excellent post, Gennadi! Most popular for what application? In particular I mention LabVIEW as a conceptually revolutionary breakthrough language. It uses color, geometric shapes and three dimensional documentation to create programs from assembly level to web site. Not the most popular, yet, LabVIEW covers all of Gennadi’s categories superlatively.

  214. DMac Says:

    I agree with Gennadi to some extent… however, I think you made a very serious mistake that will no doubt upset a very large community of developers… you cannot and should not ever include C++ among languages like Visual Basic or C#… that’s a huge NO, NO! C++ is an object oriented version of C… it’s as close to the metal as you can get without going to Assembly Language, the same way C or Pascal is. If we are going to get technical here, I agree with the statement that there are proper languages for the right job, and I think if you read back through the posts, that’s been beaten over and over again… It all really boils down to what makes you the most money in your area! If you program for a living like I do, you develop in what ever pays! Languages come and go, but in the end, if you’re using a language no one wants you to use… you’re gonna go bankrupt or find another job! As far as platforms, there’s really only 4 ways to develop;
    1. Absolute Machine Code – which is the lowest possible level you can go
    2. Assembly language – which is just a symbolic representation of machine code, but still requires an assembler to create the machine code
    3. Compiler Language – Which is where C, C++ and Pascal / Delphi fall. They generate Machine code through the use of a compiler, which means it can be run on its own at any time once compiled
    4. Interpreter Language – Which is where most of the “Other” languages fall. These languages use an interpreter which resides in memory to directly execute the high level program and translate it into machine code. The line by line scan of the interpreter though, makes the execution much slower than compiled programs.

    Still, in the end, that was a good post Gennadi, just needed a little clarification that’s all.


  215. kban Says:

    pascal and english best language in the world in older days

  216. kban Says:

    I love hearing when another developer bashes Microsoft “Bloatware” and realizes that Delphi is still the best language on the market for Win32 Applications! The company I work for has another developer here and he is PRO C# all the way… it drives me nuts! Anytime I so much as mention Delphi, he shakes, his voice trembles and he almost goes into convulsions! Still… I think I do it more for spite now than anything! I use PHP for any web development I do, I use Nu-Sphere’s IDE which works quite nice, but I have been watching some videos on Embarcadero for RadPHP XE… it looks pretty awesome and it appears that they have embraced the same level of powerful simplicity they have in Delphi… I think I will probably switch at some point.

  217. DMac Says:

    Hey kban,

    I’m not sure I understand why you rewrote my quote from #204 above? Why would you say “In older days”? You don’t think Delphi is still a good language? It’s too bad Microsoft had to brainwash so many people into thinking that their platforms were the best for developing windows applications… it was a slow process… but that’s what they do. People need to be reintroduced to Delphi… it truly is an amazing IDE.

  218. LongLiveDelphi Says:

    Can your dev tool do that?

    Can you do that easily in other language besides Delphi?
    Check my DPod Framework. I started developing and EMR system. I had started with 5 modules only, now the software has over 150 modules. This is “”without”” re-compiling the whole application. Only adding BPLs on the fly to existing app.

  219. DMac Says:

    Hey Long Live Delphi… I like the way you think! I really wish people would see just how superior Delphi is over and above all the rest. One thing I wish Embarcadero would do, is offer a free lite version of Delphi that people could use, much like Microsoft has done with C#… once people seen how easy it is to develop a stand alone win 32 “exe” application without all the .net crap, I think they would be sold… I’ve also been looking at the RADPHP IDE they offer… it looks amazing too. LONGLIVEDELPHI!!!!

  220. godaddy promo code Says:

    C is the best ,,,,

  221. sam Says:

    what the latest programming language?

  222. Anonymous Says:

    […] […]

  223. Evans Boma Says:

    It all depends on the type of applicatopn you want to build. I’ve had courses on c++, basic, Visual basic, pascal and fortran but in all Visual basic appears to be the simplest and most interesting language for windows based apllications since it uses the drag and drop methord to design the user interface.

  224. PHP Web Development Says:

    I think C is a best language because all the languages have come from this language. Java has built on C language.

  225. aa Says:

    i have more than 2 decades experience in programming,
    assembly + c, assembly + pascal, assembly + delphi,
    even assembly + basic. that way i lost interest with java.
    in fact i, never met a single assembly programmer that could
    stand with (uh,.. slow, high) java. and i bet, neither java
    programmers could do assembly (if ever they care).
    oh btw, i actually do talk java, i was born there.

  226. dubya Says:

    I have a lot of development experience going back to the 70’s. Started with Fortran, did a lot of assembly for mainframe, mini’s, and micro’s. I built computers from scratch and programmed them in z80 assembler and basic. I went through ADA, UCSD Pascal, other Pascal variants, Delphi, Smalltalk and then Java. I got tired of re-writing the same algrorithms for each new platform. When Java got JIT compilers, it started to beat C/C++ on several platforms on non-GUI benchmarks. Java syntax came from C but owes many of its concepts to UCSD Pascal. It has good type checking and garbage collection for increased reliability. It has interfaces, GC, and threading for great portability and reusabiliy. It has huge libraries and development tools in open source code to cut development and integration time. It is not proprietary or platform locked. It is available on small and embedded machines. In short, it is the most universally supported programming language and will probably win the language wars for some time to come.

  227. java Says:

    i love ur comment dubya………and Mr. aa you cannot challege java programmers or i should rather say anyone because nothing is impossible whether its assembly,c,delphi,pascal or any other language,provided you owe logic.

  228. aa Says:

    well, mrs dubya, although i don’t necessarily agree with your arguments, i think you quite true about java “will probably win the language wars for some time to come”, yet C# can be a very tough competitor, when it matured.

    the point is that “popular language” is not as important as it seems in the long run; afaik, if you want to pick only one language, then learn assembly (of 3 popular machines would be best), if you want to know most of programming languages then learn assembly and c. and if you want to understand virtually all programming languages, then learn assembly, c, and pascal. plus smalltalk for idea of object.

    and since you’ve through all that hard-road, you’ll become agnostic and pragmatic, what is more important (to be loved) then well,.. kids?.

    i thought that c was designed by left-brain and pascal designed by right-brain, most other derivative procedural languages are either evolved from them or heavily influenced. (or designed by damaged-brain).

    i remember not long ago, when perl supposed to be script for kids, how ignorant larry wall when he said that perl does not need switch construct because you can simulate them with nested else if, elsif elsif elsif elsif elsif elsif…. wtf? in intel, with absurdly high branch-misprediction cost, that design is intolerable.

    it gives me a hints anyway, thanks to him, that young, immature language does not have a switch construct, or emulate them with nested if.

  229. hero Says:

    c c++ are the best… they are the hardest to learn, and this is why c/c++ programmers are smarter then java/c# developers.
    this is also why there are fewer c/c++ developers than java/c#
    and this is also why most Indians does not use c/c++. they are smelly stupid java/c# people….

  230. java Says:

    woh, woh,woh mr.hero, let keep aside your heroiness.You can’t say c/c++ are the is a combination of good from c/c++,then how can they be best.c/c++ is history,java is present and future.
    And last but not the least,indians are not stupid ,they are the most intelligent people in the world.They know very well what language to use to accompalish their task whether its c,c++ or java .c will survive till windows survives but this is not the case with java………..

  231. hero Says:

    indians are the most intelligent in the world!!! you are either an indian or you have never worked with one. they are good coders, but dumb thinkers…

  232. elf1984 Says:

    Python, PHP, Ruby are the best language of today, i don`t know of tomorrow but for now, PHP gave us facebook, Ruby on Rail gave us twitter and Youtube is Python, google uses Python, so what are we talking here?

    Java is a good language but few java softwares in software market. why?

  233. java Says:

    Mr. hero microsoft has the most indians as the employee,as well as oracle as and is the same case with google or any other company.If they are dumb thinkers then has these mncs gone insane that they have recruited these dumb thinkers as their employees.
    I guess u has worked with a Indian who annoyed u very much.Sorry if it is so,i cannot help it.
    why are we fighting on citizenship,let keep aside eveything and fight for the most popular language.

  234. java Says:

    Mr. elf1984 yes, Php gave us facebook,google uses python.But i must tell you when google or facebook or anything were developed then these languages were in the air.But for today java is present and future.
    Yes, very few softwares of java are available in the market because it is still in its developing phase but i bet you you will find java everywhere when it is completely matured.

  235. elf1984 Says: if java is still in developing phase then what makes it the best? java is a good language but not as stable as C or C++, even Python

  236. java Says:

    Mr. elf1984 by developing phase i didnt mean it is a child.In present scenario ,java is upto the level of c,c++ or python and it will be much more ahead of these languages in few days.
    Besides this java has so many technologies like j2se,j2me,javadb,java card,javafx targeting different platforms but this is not the case with c/c++ or python.

  237. elf1984 Says:

    I`m not a language warrior, the best programming language is the language that pay your bills, but if you want to have real fun with the machine Assembly is the only way. Thanks to the PHP community and Codeigniter group, i love you all

  238. Ahnaf Says:

    I think language is big fact. because with the language the IDE or Dev environment also change.

  239. Keyword Counts of Popular Programming Languages Says:

    […] on a list of the Most Popular Programming Languages, I researched how many keywords and reserved words each language had. I am certain my counts are […]

  240. Krishna Upadhyay Says:

    JavaScript is going for top

  241. java Says:

    Mr. Krishna Javascript is a client side scripting language and you cannot do much with it.Since javascript has java in it,it does not mean that it is the best language.Javascript has nothing to do with java at all…..

  242. Krishna Upadhyay Says:

    JavaScript to be rank 1 for web development.

  243. Krishna Upadhyay Says:

    Mr. java: everyone know that javascript is not able compare with java to till time, but I am talking about web development such as: javascript (Ajax, Json, Jquery, prototype, API, User interface programming), not about desktop applications, javascript is much powerful according to it’s small and powerful functionality.

  244. Krishna Upadhyay Says:

    Everyone know that javascript is not able compare with java to till time, but I am talking about web development such as: javascript (Ajax, Json, Jquery, prototype, API, User interface programming), not about desktop applications, javascript is much powerful according to it’s small and powerful functionality.

  245. Krishna Upadhyay Says:

    We can do much much more with javascript if able……,, no limit at all……..

  246. java Says:

    Mr. Krishna you are saying we can do much more with javascript..Fine.
    But what about server side.J2ee(java) takes care of server side.I must tell you java is not only for desktop applications.There are so many java technologies like J2se,J2EE,J2me,javafx,javacard,javadb etc. targeting different platform and areas.
    Now,what do you have to say………..

  247. java Says:

    hello.Mr. Krishna you are saying we can do much more with javascript..Fine.
    But what about server side.J2ee(java) takes care of server side.I must tell you java is not only for desktop applications.There are so many java technologies like J2se,J2EE,J2me,javafx,javacard,javadb etc. targeting different platform and areas.
    Now,what do you have to say………..

  248. netcse Says:

    imran loves java…!!

  249. Abbas Zaini Says:

    people let’s talk facts , lets talk technical , let’s be realistic

    there is no emotion in this thing , also you are free and able to learn any programming language or technology you want and they are all available, the web is full of resources so anyone can learn whatever he or she wants at any time.

    with all respect , saying that this thing is about emotions or passion is not rational at all , saying that there is no difference as long as the developer meets the customer requirements is no a justification, because:

    1. programming languages syntax and techniques differ.
    2. ========== ========= developer responsibilities differ.
    3. ========== ========= development environments differ.
    4. ========== ========= packages and API’s differ.
    5. ========== ========= support differ.
    6. ========== ========= requirements to run Apps differ.
    7. and most importantly , what kind of platforms support what kind of programming language is also different.

    the last point may even make you forced to change the technology that you used to develop applications by. and all the points above are very clear and true to any developer who has worked with different types of programming languages, i don’t think that i will need to give examples or explain scenarios of how these states and issues may occur during development or intention to start a project.

    the most important thing from my viewpoint , is what platforms and operating systems still support the technology you are using , because how ever was the programming language you are using it won’t be useful at all if no devices or machines support them any more. also from my point of view , it all depends on business factors , i mean how and what steps and deals the companies or organizations that sponsor or develop these technologies are taking and making to populate and spread them in the market.

  250. saikat Says:

    hi friend ,
    i think c# is a best language . i like this language very much

  251. Krishna Upadhyay Says:

    Hi .Mr. Java: You should know that javascript saw big growth in 2010, unsurprisingly. In fact, it surpassed Java, which dropped off. and actually had a small bump between 2009 and 2010. compared to C(mother of programming languages), javascript trades performance for expressive power and dynamism.
    I have lot of things about javascript…
    If java have kind of new features then javascript also having list of many advance features such as (dojo, Extjs, jquery, json, ajax, node, moto)…
    (Man is application: The JavaScript)…

    The World’s Most Misunderstood Programming Language going for being World’s Most popular Programming Language ……………..

  252. vijay Says:

    please guide me……

  253. Shweta Deotare Says:

    Its really good information.
    Which helps students a lot in language study.

  254. Shalin Says:

    Its because the new clearners searches these programs regularly as these form the base for programming.

  255. Should I Still Learn Java? – Learn Programming In An easy way Says:

    […] Most Popular Programming Languages. […]

  256. Frace Says:

    Java is the Best…

  257. Frace Says:

    But C# is better than Java… 😉

  258. Dinesh Kumar Says:

    Java was best , java is best, java will be best

  259. elf1984 Says:

    @Dinesh Java is nothing better than Python and will never be, C# is better than Java, every good programmer in the world must know Assembly, C, C++

  260. java Says:

    Mr.Krishna…….hello…..Javascript alone cannot do anything,but java can do.Java is not dependent on any another technology as javascript is.Javascript is only used for web designing(only a small part) but java it has no limitations.It has targeted almost all platforms-mobile,web,desktop,smartcards,gaming consoles,television,database etc,etc,etc…………..

  261. java Says:

    Mr. Frace you said java is best and then you said C# is better than java.
    You yourself has denied what you said.
    Java runs on all o.s but C# does not…………that means java is better….

  262. Krishna Upadhyay Says:

    hello Mr. Java…. first you should know that javascript is also not dependent on any another technology. it is also a part of web, mobile, online games development. and javascript can done alone and as well as with java, c++, php, ruby, .net, asp etc. so it’s not just for web designing, but also ability to develop large web projects….

    Note: Keeps itself in power.

  263. java Says:

    only web projects………you yourself has said its just a part.It does not has any existence alone.But this is not the case with java……….

  264. java Says:

    Mr. krishna you tell me what can you do alone with javascript.Alone means no ajax,no html, no css,no xml and nothing……….

  265. Wonil Says:

    I try to setup my own experiments. Maybe, question counts from well known developer Q&A site can be an index to rank popularity of programming languages. Esp. for newbies.

    I made this site to collect information from stackoverflow. The current result is #1 is C#, #2 is Java, #3 is PHP and so on. You can see the rank of mobile platforms and web technologies also.

  266. Krishna upadhyay Says:

    Hello Mr. java: as you told that JavaScript can’t do anything, can you tell me that what is done by java only not supporting any other technologies such as no oracle, no xml, no html, no database then now what you have to said only that a console “hello world” output, right?.
    And where you heard that ajax is not javascript part, although ajax===javascript, javascript===ajax.

  267. java Says:

    Ha ha ha……hello dude………What can java do alone?You can make applications with java.Desktop applications ,mobile applications,mobile games etc.
    Lets make a bet i will give you an application made in java alone and can you give me a application in javascript .And if you can give me a better software than made in java i will give you a treat……….otherwise you will give me…….

  268. Krishna upadhyay Says:

    dude : I am sure that you are not aware of javascript in depth :
    there are many application which are developed and developing in javascript : some list are :




    Adobe AIR (html+css+javascript) desktop application like java….

    JavaScript desktop application development with Gjs and Clutter

    JavaScript API.

    Serverside javascript

    HTML 5 for mobile and web……

  269. Krishna upadhyay Says:

    hi mr. java: now you should accept that javascript is not a small language but a powerful language….. it’s true…..

  270. java Says:

    what about platforms………..javascript has never reached and will never reach upto java’s level………

  271. Krishna upadhyay Says:

    var jsVar = 1;
    console.log(‘jsVar value is %d’, jsVar);

  272. Krishna upadhyay Says:

    I am trying to say that javascript is also a powerful language ,, comparing level is a diffident argument….

  273. Krishna upadhyay Says:

    sorry for english mistake :

    I am trying to say that javascript is also a powerful language ,, comparing level is a different argument….

  274. Ror developer Says:

    10. Ruby – 2.6%

    I like ruby.. but not many people using Ruby :'(

  275. java Says:

    yes javasctipt is powerful but not as powerful as java………..

  276. java Says:

    Mr. krishna u agree with me or not………….

  277. java Says:

    Hello ror developer .why dont you switch to java …… is an awesome language…….

  278. java Says:

    Mr. krishna if you have still any doubts….go to top of this web page……..i hope you will be satisfied………..

  279. Krishna upadhyay Says:

    Hello Mr. java : yes I agree that upto till date javasctipt !== java, but that doesn’t mean that javascript is a worse language, it has also got some popularity such as java, and now growing speedily.

    And reason being that java developer are uncountable but javascript developer are very few in industry.

  280. HEY Says:


  281. java Says:

    hello dude……….I am not saying its worse.Yes there are uncountable java developers but there are very few who consider coding as their passion.Many of the developers do it for employment.
    I really love java.I have not learnt java i have felt java.I live with java ,its my soul………

  282. java Says:

    Who knows situations may lead me to switch to javascript(for employment)
    but i will never ever leave coding in java till my last breath…………

  283. assface Says:


  284. siva Says:

    I love C++. With stl and boost, C++ does not require any memory management (unless the programmer is stupid and don’t know how to use) and thread safety. And it is very fast and object oriented and work with different environments. The only thing it lacks is the direct support for webpages on the front-end, for which anyway, I will use html, ajax. My next language is for java – which is very easy to use but slow. and C# is only for windows and tons of bloating code, which I don’t like anyway. So, for prototyping, use Java/C# if the production env is windows. And for real work, go with C++.

  285. java Says:

    hello siva.Are u insane u are saying use java only when it is windows.Java is platform independent and it does not depend on any platform.And what to say about its memory management ,read about its garbage collection…

  286. srishti Says:

    the most popular language is java

  287. Fateh dawud Says:

    hi every body I really respect all of ur programming back ground and exqerties. My knowledge and experience is telling me in the real business world if any one wants to survive please try to stick up with java, C# and php only. Believe me only these 3’ll surve for very long time and rest of all other languages’ll die soner or letter. And any body can be master these 3 languages in no time if u really like to learn. Pls don’t wast ur valuable time with other languages apart from these three. U know c, c++, delphi these are very old.

  288. Unique Says:

    Hi every one!
    well i am doing software engineering,only one year left for its completion.
    i just have learn these things yet in my institution (even i am not expert in any of the below,,just know a little about them all):

    –Software Design & Architecture Tools
    Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio 2003

    –Programming Languages & Database Tools
    C/C++, Assembly Language, SQL, Oracle 9i,
    Oracle Developer 10g, VB

    –Web Development Languages
    HTML, CSS, DHTML, JavaScript, ASP, PHP

    kindly guide me in which domain i should select now for my future, regarding to the above.
    I am to much confused in selecting any domain as either to move to dextop or web?
    i can learn new things as well as i have plenty of time yet. (sorry, i would not like to move towards JAVA, as i don’t have any idea about it.)
    plz help!

  289. sanjay kumar sony Says:

    hi i am sanjay kumar sony,i am software engineer,left is one year now we are growing up whith the helf of java programing language in the field of electricls,electronics and netwrking area these comment has been a power of the any contry to grow in any filds,and my best language are c,c++,,pl/sql,java,oracle,c#.

  290. yet another idiot Says:


  291. Krishna upadhyay Says:

    programming languages for future:

    1: Java
    5: .net
    3: JavaScript (Ajax) with CSS
    4: Php

  292. testking Says:

    I will use html, ajax. My next language is for java – which is very easy to use but slow. and C# is only for windows and tons of bloating code, which I don’t like anyway. So, for prototyping, use Java/C# if the production env is windows. And for real work, go with C++.

  293. superman Says:

    Fassemble is the no 1 language

  294. umesh Says:

    java is tha powerful language..

  295. The Chief Priest Says:

    While the Java coders, the C# Coders and the rest of them are still slaving away coding, I am busy selling my Delphi 2010 built application.

    Now can you beat that?

    Delphi 2010 and Object Pascal Rocks!!!!!!

  296. guxha Says:

    C, C++ is the best.

  297. Kosovo Says:

    I using VB.NET.

  298. vito Says:

    Big business whether it be banking, airlines, hotels, mortgage, stock markets, oil companies, government programs would not have been possible without COBOL. I wrote code for all of these industries for 40 years. I would not even attempt to write a small business system in any of the new languages.

  299. yo mama Says:

    I believe that it is better to know a language that is less popular since there will be less demands of how much code you have to know in that language.

    But of course you do have to know another language very well, so you have the ability to do some powerful programming in at least one language.

  300. yo mama Says:

    300th coment OHH YAHH !!!

  301. Shiekhmobeenahmad Says:

    I love Java and C

  302. Shiekhmobeenahmad Says:

    I totally agree with you Mr Java I also love the Java most because you cannot compare any language with Java’s compatibility I love Java and
    its method of programming Java is used almost every part of our life from our mobile phone to aeroplanes and aerospace too so Java Script is just a little part of Java you can compare it with Java

  303. govind Says:

    Java is one of the best programming language in the world……whether in Desktop programming , Web programming & Mobile programming

  304. mike caldwell Says:

    C or Java anything is NOT nearly as simple as Basic (VB or not). The reason you don’t see alot of VB or VB.Net programmers here justifying there language here is because they know it’s the easist of all these. Java and C need off shoots (scripting) to get close. So I would say the BASIC programmers are more secure and would not waste time here trying to justify it to a bunch of people who are to arrogant to understand or listen. When I started basic some 20+ years ago all I heard was how it was going to die, it was useless and VB NOT C is what really helped built microsoft. They sure didn’t have C scripting in Office it was and is VBA. C is not easy, many terse unlogical commands. VB is still here and will continue to be, but I am playing with C## so I have the power of both C# and VB .net and play with Java, JavaScript, TSQL and PLSQL. The problem I see is to many damn languages, who has the time to learn them all, hell Facebook has FBML, everyone a sepcialist in that?

  305. undermount kitchen sinks Says:

    C++ and java are the best!

  306. Java Says:

    I am back….
    Hello everyone…….
    Mr. Krishna you have ranked java no 1 in your last post (programming languages of future).Hope you also have realized the magic of java.
    Mr .Shiekhmobeenahmad javascript is not a part of java even not a little part(you said that).

  307. nikhil Says:

    i guess c and c++ is better than anything else….. c as a procedure oriented and c++ as oops. c is very fast and you can do almost everything in c and c++. lots of games are made in c++ and device drivers. u can interact with hardware effectively through c.
    if you want re usability than you can choose c++ as a oops.

  308. nikhil Says:

    i think java is good but nothing can replace c and c++.

  309. Ashraf Nasr Says:

    Come on guys! no one mentioned Objective-C from $$Apple$$. Stive Jobs saied that “java is a crappy language and old” what a shame Mr.Jobs you forgot 6.5 million developers around the world who love Java and will fight your bling-bling products because of your stupid comments about Java.

  310. Java Says:

    hello nikhil… guess c and c++ is better and think java is good.
    From where the hell this guess and think have come from.You should be confident of what you are say.

  311. Krishna Upadhyay Says:

    Hi Mr. Java: ok as you say that javascript is not a part of java right but we can say that javascript is mostly same as java such as: object flow, event handling & dom, and mostly things in javascript is same as java. Javascript can preform best on client side, where java can’t work properly. so both have there own fields and javascript still growing on as per programming graphs let’s see in next 5 to 10 years,

  312. SHRUTHI P VYAS Says:

    please answer this question of mine.
    i know around 80% of visual basic 6 and i am completely ignorant of PHP and JAVA script. Will i be able to learn ASP.NET? How long will it take?
    What are the books i need to refer?

  313. gynecomastia surgery Says:

    And what do you think about Fortran? This language rocks all over!

  314. Java Says:

    Hi shruti.You are doubting yourself .Ofcourse you will be able to learn It is one of the easiest language to learn.Time it will take ,depends on you.You dont need to refer any books Google is your friend.
    Ans me this you say u know 80% of VB6 but how can you say this.
    I have worked a lot with java but i dnt knw how much i know java.

  315. English Says:

    From reading over these comments, I am sure that English is far from any of your favorite or known languages.

    C# is my favorite.

  316. Kamlesh Pambhar Says:

    i agree that c is basic language for all but now-a-days php most popular and most accepted by students and devlopers to learn and devloping.
    also you seen from result the php is increase it’s rank since 2006to 2010.

  317. Kamlesh Pambhar Says:

    any one can inform me that how many rank php get in 2011?
    please .

  318. Bart Says:

    It all depends on where the application is running. Here’s what I prefer to use depending on the type of applicaton.

    Windows Desktop: C# (winforms or WPF) by a landslide
    Linux Server: Java, possibly PHP

    I’ve programmed with Java, C#, Visual Basic, C++, Perl and PHP for work over the past 10 years and some languages are better than others for certain jobs.

    I’ve used Java Swing and C# Winforms for several apps and there is absolutely no comparison – Java Swing/SWT/JFace – they all suck balls. C# Winforms blows Java out of the water – C# fast to develop and the apps run fast and look better than anything you can do in Java. C++/MFC apps are more time consuming to write but they run faster than Java or C#.

    For server side programming / web development, Java is great – especially if you want to use Linux servers. If you have MS servers .Net is also a great web platform – if you disagree, I don’t think you’ve tried it before. PHP is also a great choice depending on what type of web app you have.

    For text parsing / batch jobs Perl rocks.

    That said, if I’m USING a Windows Deskop application I hope it was written in Visual C++/MFC or Delphi so it won’t be a memory pig and it will run fast. My next choice would be C#/ with Winforms. My last choice on the desktop would be Java.

  319. jalil Says:

    it is not which language is best or popular,but it is, what language you know best.

  320. Waiting for the Rocket to come Says:

    I think they should post very specific like a survey of software companies of what language they use.. This popular might means include students.. They must post most demanding language in companies.. I think then the number one is VB.. then php.. ^^

  321. Java Da Crap Says:

    Seems all the outsourcing junkies love Java. And i am not surprised.

  322. Java Da Crap Says:

    Java is anti-entrepreneurship material. Good for engineers working 18 hrs a day in some outsourcing firm in India/China.

  323. Paul Says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen:
    I’ve been reading this topic/thread with much interest because I’m interested in technology. The topic is most popular programming languages, not which is the best programming language, which would be another discussion altogether. Bashing one or more languages in favor of another really serves no purpose than wasting time. I think one thing that people need to consider is it is basically proprietary to one specific company or platform, or can it be used over multiple platforms. That’s why I would prefer to use PHP over ASP as an example. Each language is a tool to accomplish something. All things being equal, choosing the most popular option available to accomplish the task in terms of support might be the best way to go. It’s hard to justify a language that is dying, or on the verge of doing so. The best language is the one that will get the task or job done most efficiently in terms of time and resources. Choose the best option for whatever you’re trying to accomplish. Besides, the popularity of programming languages fluctuates over time. The fact C and C++ are still pretty high in demand after all these years is a testament to their durability. JAVA is great for web development, and so is PHP, for different reason. JAVA is object oriented programming, while PHP is a server side scripting language to produce dynamic webpages. It’s apples and oranges really. It depends on what the task or tasks you need to accomplish, since each programming language will have its’ strengths and weaknesses, which should be a consideration in determing which language to deploy to accomplish the task at hand. That being said, it’s always a good idea to keep learning to keep your skill set up to date, because what is popular today can be obsolete at some point in the future.

  324. Happy Says:

    Hi Paul! I love you…..I like your comments….!

  325. Paul Says:

    Hello Happy! Thank you for your support. I wish all a Happy Labour Day to those in countries that recognizes this statutory holiday (Canada and the USA have Labour Day on the first September Monday, but beyond that, I’m not sure what other countries celebrate Labour Day).

  326. James Says:

    Nowadays, dynamic languages (especially python & ruby) have become quite a rage. There are seminars, articles etc which argue about their scalability, performance & maintenance on being at par (almost) with the statically typed languages like C++, Java. If this is really true ( IMHO hypothetical) then why they are not being used by the software giants for large scale projects. I don’t think they will ever be mainstream & will be mainly used as so called “glue” languages. Anybody shares or contradicts my opinion ??

  327. DMac Says:

    I haven’t commented on here in a while… but I have to say that I had a chance to watch the release of the new Rad Studio XE2 from Embarcadero for Delphi / Rad PHP etc… and let me tell you, tides are changing! If you get a chance youtube some of their stuff… Delphi now supports native Win32 / Win64, Mac OS and iOS for apple IPhones and soon to be Android development as well. You can now develop native applications (No runtime crap / web stuff) required to run on any of those platforms. GUI Design is by FireMonkey which has a lot of features that are mind blowing! True 3D graphics which use the GPU for rendering… not the CPU. It harnesses DirectX for Windows and OpenGL for the others. I think Microsoft should keep their eyes on this product because as in the last 15+ years, Delphi just works and works well!!! No BS to deal with… no Visual studio hangs for 5+ minutes with a spinning wheel and the usual “Not Responding” shite… I currently have switched back to Delphi full time from C# and I’m using Rad Studio XE… now I’m anxious to get my hands on XE2. For any developers out there wanting to program for Window, Mac, or the hand device / pad market… take a serious look at this product!!!

  328. J2EE Book » Blog Archive » History of Java Says:

    […] Java: The Most Popular, And has Been for a While […]

  329. krishna Says:

    Nowadays JavaScript rocking as in web application development.

  330. Answering comment re: Poll for top future programming languages | Says:

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  331. Paul Says:

    As for the discussion, is Tiobe’s monthly ranking of programming languages. I’m curiously to see if Scala will emerge as the longterm successor to JAVA, as has been predicted by some. is the website to find out more about this language, even though its’ influence is relatively small at the moment. Twitter uses Scala, and here’s some articles about that.

    Twitter on Scala
    A Conversation with Steve Jenson, Alex Payne, and Robey Pointer

    Engineer-to-Engineer Talk: How and Why Twitter Uses Scala

    Google and YouTube uses Python.

  332. Adil Hasan Says:

    People who already know C/C++ should go for Java it will provide u with lot of opportunities and will be very easy to learn so i vote java..

  333. Pradeep Says:

    Php is a fastest growing Programming language. it’s much faster than other
    . in coming year it’s also develop a desktop application . so i am very happy to be a php programmer…………………………..

  334. Heather Says:

    Here is my two cents on the subject.

    Web Development – Javascript

    Programming – C and Java

  335. nibot Says:

    As someone that was there in the beginning years of computer for personal use and led lights, 0/1 switches, cpu specific languages I feel the most overlooked rule for any programing language is the the number one rule we learned then! K.I.S.S. For those who are unfamiliar with this I will decode (Keep It Simple Stupid) Meaning that sometimes we get so involved with the process of features, bell. & whistles we make the program bloated. This is easy with the amount of memory and storage available today. Try making your idea work in 2k! So no matter what language or tool you use KISS

    Also if you take something that is a mess and program it you have an automated mess.

  336. The Growing World of Programming Says:

    […] BASIC is still a popular choice it’s languages like Java and various versions of C that are most commonly used today. Many applications now are accessed via the web so the likes of JavaScript, allowing applications […]

  337. Hello Says:

    15 programming languages you need to know in 2015:

    1 Visual Basic 6.0
    2 Python
    3 Java
    4 Visual Basic .NET
    5 C#
    6 php
    7 Ruby
    8 Javascript
    9 C++
    10 Visual C++
    11 NASM
    12 Erlang
    13 Fortran
    14 R programming language
    15 COBOL

    I look at youtube and it is filled with Visual Basic 6 tutorials. Many rankings put VB6 on the first place:

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