Jul 19

DeveloperFusion offers a free .NET code converter.  Simply paste your C# or VB.NET code into this web-based tool, then select your target language: C#, VB.NET, Python or Ruby.  Supports syntax up to .NET 3.5.

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Jul 15

Copyright © Daniel Andres Forero, used under license

“I’m tellin ya, mo fos… I’ll bet my last clean diaper that C# is the best programming language there is.”

Now here’s something you don’t see every day: a programming poem.  A BABY programming poem, no less!  Apparently Google App Inventor is so easy that even an infant can build Android apps.

But back to the poem by Andra McCoy.  Here is the first stanza:

Why does PHP and HTML sleep in the same crib,
Whenever I look, they’re sharing a bib.
They seem to support some code they call OOP,
I find it irrelevant, more concerned with my Poop!

Any poem that contains both OOP and poop is true geek art in my book!

Read the rest of the “Baby On Rails” poem

Jul 07

As the resident geek, my part-time job is providing computer tech support to family, friends and neighbors.  One of the most common questions they ask me is:

“What’s the difference between digital songs that cost $1.29 on iTunes and $0.99 on Amazon.com?”

And being the smartass that I am, my stock answer is:

“30 cents”

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Jul 06

Microsoft has launched a new software architecture website devoted to sharing best practices and customer stories. The site features case studies, video interviews, architect evangelist profiles, links to blog articles and a Twitter feed

If you are an architect or senior developer, this site will help you connect with your peers and learn more about patterns, model driven architecture and design, and the latest technology advancements to provide cutting edge solutions.

Microsoft Architecture Website