DevTopics.com is a blog about software development topics, with a focus on C# and the Microsoft .NET framework. DevTopics also discusses the creation and management of software companies, the software development process, and improving the computer experience for the average user and people with disabilities. There is also discussion about cubital tunnel, a painful syndrome affecting thousands of computer users each year.

DevTopics.com is written by Tim Toady, software developer and entrepreneur who has 25+ years experience in the software industry, founded six software companies, and written software professionally in 10+ programming languages, focused on C# and .NET since 2000.  (more)

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3 Responses to “About”

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    […] are a lot of old wives tales regarding the benefits of recycling. When an old friend of mine sent me this article, I decided that it fit into the goal of this site to try to educate the world […]

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