Dec 24

It’s holiday time, and hopefully most of you programmers are home enjoying time with your family and loved ones.  But if you’re like me, at some point over the holidays you will escape to your computer for a little diversion.  So to keep you in the holiday spirit, here are some Christmas and Santa Claus-related […]

Jun 11

Social news sites first became popular when launched on the Web in 2004. A social news site enables its users to submit news stories and vote on them. The most popular articles percolate to the top of the list and are rewarded with a huge surge in Web traffic. A candid discussion of each […]

Jan 28

What do you do if original content from your website or blog is stolen and republished in full on another site?  You fight back! A splog or “spam blog” is a blog that steals content from other web sites, then aggregates and republishes the content on its own blog.  Splogs are created primarily to make […]

Jan 18

Recently I posted a list of the Best C# Blogs.  Today we recognize the best C# Web sites. Following (in alphabetical order) are the best C# sites active on the Web today.  Also included is the “About” section of the site (edited for space and clarity).  Please comment if you can recommend other excellent C# […]

Jan 11

“People always fear change.  People feared electricity when it was invented, didn’t they?  People feared coal, they feared gas-powered engines.  There will always be ignorance, and ignorance leads to fear.  But with time, people will come to accept their silicon masters.” As Bill Gates once warned, computers have indeed become our silicon masters, pervading nearly […]

Dec 11

What makes a C# blog good?  Pretty much the same thing that makes any blog good, but with a focus on C#, of course.  Good C# blogs have: Useful news, information, tips and code samples Regular updates Original content, not a splog or news feed Good organization, including categories and tags Healthy discussion and user […]

Jul 16


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Did you know?  You can type ASCII characters into any application.  Press and hold the Left-Alt key, then using the numeric keypad, type the four-digit decimal number for the ASCII character you want, then release the Left-Alt key.  For example, to type è, press and hold Left-Alt, then type 0232 on the numeric keypad.  When […]

Jun 14

Blogs are becoming an important and prevalent method for software developers to share knowledge, tips and code.  Unlike code-sharing sites that have publication guidelines and restrictions, blogs are typically privately-owned, which gives developers freedom to deliver and format their content in many ways.  But this freedom can also result in a poor experience for the […]

Jun 05

Copyright infringement is the sincerest form of flattery. What’s a Splog? A splog or “spam blog” is a blog that steals content from other web sites, then aggregates and republishes all or some of the content on its own blog. Splogs are created to promote and increase search engine ranking of affiliated web sites, and/or to […]

May 08

I started my professional programming career over 20 years ago on the Commodore Amiga.  The Amiga was a state-of-the-art personal computer, with a proprietary operating system, windowed GUI, and dedicated sound and graphics chips when the IBM PC was still saying, “C:DOS RUN.” The Amiga computer was fast for its time, but maddeningly slow in hindsight: […]