Jan 05

Do witches run spell checkers?

Cannot find REALITY.SYS.  Universe halted.

COFFEE.EXE missing.  Insert cup and press any key.

Computers make very fast, very accurate mistakes.

Computers are not intelligent.  They only think they are.

My software never has bugs.  It just develops random features.

The definition of an upgrade:  Take old bugs out, put new bugs in.

BREAKFAST.COM halted.  Cereal port not responding.

E Pluribus Modem

File not found.  Should I fake it?  (Y/N)

CONGRESS.SYS corrupted.  Re-boot Washington D.C.?  (Y/N)

Does fuzzy logic tickle?

Smash forehead on keyboard to continue…

Enter any 11-digit prime number to continue…

Error:  Keyboard not attached.  Press F1 to continue.

Excuse me for butting in, but I’m interrupt-driven.

Hit any user to continue.

Disk full.  Press F1 to belch.

(A)bort, (R)etry, (G)et a beer?

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Article published on January 5, 2009

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