Mar 20

Presenters at the CanSecWest security conference detailed how to sniff data by analyzing keystroke vibrations using a laser pointed at a laptop computer, or through electrical signals coming from a PS/2 keyboard on a PC plugged into an electrical socket.

Using about $80 worth of equipment, researchers pointed a laser on the reflective surface of a laptop between 50 feet and 100 feet away and were able to determine what letters were typed.  Line-of-sight is required, but it works through a glass window.  Using an infrared laser would prevent the victim from discovering they are under surveillance.

In the second attack method, researchers were able to determine keystrokes on a PS/2 keyboard through a ground line from a power plug in an outlet 50 feet away.  They used a digital oscilloscope and analog-digital converter, as well as filtering technology to isolate the keystroke pulses from other power line noise.

Story at CNET

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Article published on March 20, 2009

One Response to “High-Tech Keyboard Spy”

  1. Atlanta Private Investigator Says:

    This is an amazing article. It’s scary to think that it was so inexpensive to conduct this experiment!

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