Apr 30

The one thing we can all count on with Facebook is change.  Facebook performs major updates to its user interface about twice a year.  Some changes are welcome, but sometimes the Facebook UI designers make things harder than they should be.

For example, try to find a list of YOUR Facebook friends.  It seems obvious that if you click on the Friends link in the left sidebar, it would show a list of your friends:

But no.  You can find new friends or see status updates for your existing friends, but you cannot view a list of friends from here.  But there is an easy (though less obvious) way to do it:

1.  Click on the Account link in the upper-right corner of your Facebook home page.

2.  Click on the Edit Friends link in the drop-down menu as shown:


3.  Click the Friends link that appears under the Lists header in the left sidebar:

A complete alphabetical list of your Facebook friends will appear.

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Article published on April 30, 2010

One Response to “How to Show a List of Your Facebook Friends”

  1. tent reviews Says:

    Thank you for this. I still have this issue on my iphone.

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