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Just a few years back, if you wanted to host a WordPress blog on your own website, you avoided GoDaddy at all costs.  WordPress and other mainstream Web applications simply didn’t work on GoDaddy shared hosting without a lot of extra work.  As a result, GoDaddy quickly gained a reputation as a cheap Web host that’s good only for regular HTML web sites.  Over time GoDaddy support for Web applications improved, but installing WordPress still required extra work.  GoDaddy also introduced automatic installers for WordPress, but the result was usually a non-standard installation and code that was a few versions too old.

Fast forward to today.  With GoDaddy’s new Hosting Connection, you can install the latest version of WordPress and many other Web applications such as Joomla with just a few mouse clicks.  It really couldn’t be much easier.  Following are step-by-step instructions to install WordPress on GoDaddy shared hosting:

1.  Get a Linux Web Hosting Account

GoDaddy only supports WordPress installations on Linux.  Therefore, you must ensure that you have a GoDaddy Linux web hosting account.  To sign up, go to the GoDaddy home page, click the “Hosting & Servers” link, then select “Web Site Hosting” from the drop-down menu.  Follow the steps to complete the purchase.


Note that GoDaddy offer three levels of service: Economy, Deluxe and Premium.  I recommend the Deluxe plan, which will support up to 25 WordPress blogs and costs $6.99/month or less.  Be sure to select “Linux” as your operating system:

2.  Login to Your GoDaddy Account

You selected a GoDaddy user name and password when you purchased a Web hosting account.  Use these to login to your GoDaddy account at the home page:

3.  Go to Your Hosting Account

Click the “Hosting & Servers” link, then select “My Hosting Account” from the drop-down menu:


A list of your Web hosting accounts appears.  If you have more than one account, be sure to select the Linux account.  Click on the corresponding “Manage Account” link:

4.  Go to the GoDaddy Hosting Connection

The GoDaddy Hosting Control Center appears.  Next you need to go to the GoDaddy Hosting Connection, which offers 30+ free and premium quick-install applications including WordPress.  Click the “Your Applications” button or any “Hosting Connection” link.

5.  Select the WordPress Application

The GoDaddy Hosting Connection appears.  On the left is a list of available applications.  Click the “Blogs” header, then click the “WordPress” link:

6.  Install WordPress

Information about the WordPress application appears.  Click the “Install Now!” button:

7.  Select Domain

Select the domain where you want to host your blog.  All domains you have purchased through GoDaddy will appear in the list.  If you want to host your blog on a domain that you purchased from another registrar, click the “Can’t find the domain you’re looking for” link.

Once you have selected your domain, click the “Continue” button in the lower right.

8.  Setup Database

Next you need to setup the MySQL database that will hold your WordPress blog.  For the “Database description”, I recommend that you use your blog name followed by WordPress, for example, “MyBlog-WordPress”.  This makes it easy to distinguish databases if you host multiple blogs.  Choose a database password and be sure to save it somewhere.  Note that you will not need this password unless you want to access your database manually, which is rare.  Still, it’s important that you do not lose this password.  Click the “Next” button in the lower right to continue.

9.  Choose Installation Directory

Specify the sub-directory in your domain where WordPress will be installed.  If you want to install your blog in the root directory, clear the field.  Click the “Next” button to continue.

10.  Setup User Name and Password

For the last step, specify the WordPress user information.  This is the user name and password that you use every time you access your blog.  You cannot modify the user name (though you can add and delete users) so choose wisely.  The email address is where WordPress will send you notifications such as when someone leaves a comment on your blog.  And of course, “Blog Title” is the title of your blog.  Click the “Next” button to finish.

11.  Wait a Few Minutes

In just a few minutes, GoDaddy will send you an email indicating that your WordPress installation is complete.

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Article published on June 16, 2008

88 Responses to “Install WordPress on GoDaddy Shared Hosting”

  1. 2 Be 3 » Blog Archive » Install WordPress on GoDaddy Shared Hosting Says:

    […] Install WordPress on GoDaddy Shared Hosting Just a few years back, if you wanted to host a WordPress blog on your own website, you avoided GoDaddy at all costs.  WordPress and other mainstream… […]

  2. Cyril Gupta Says:

    Sorry buddy, Godaddy is no good. If I’ve had the worst experience with this hosting company. I got a shared hosting account for ASP.Net, and after I set it up, they kept disabling features. They disabled threads, they put a bottleneck on all bandwidth, and they removed write permissions from many folders that I needed. When I complained to their support(less) system, they were very eager to send me around in circles.

    I say, avoid Godaddy for anything.

  3. Gabe Says:

    GoDaddy’s one click WordPress install sucks. After the installation I couldn’t even login using my admin username and password. Uninstalled everything, waited about an hour and tried to install the application again. Same results. Their support did everything to get rid of me. Hosting WP on GoDaddy is a nightmare.

  4. Miley Says:

    >GoDaddy’s one click WordPress install sucks. After the installation I couldn’t even login using my admin username and password.

    You must’ve done something wrong. Do you realize the WordPress user name is case-sensitive? I’ve installed over 50 WordPress blogs using GoDaddy’s one-click install and never had a problem, not once. And GoDaddy’s new single-click WordPress upgrade is a huge timesaver. IMO GoDaddy is excellent for hosting WordPress blogs.

  5. web hosting reviews Says:

    Ya there is alot to know about the web development industry.And sometimes it’s hard to find good information on the web. Thanks for the good input.

  6. Sneha Gupta Says:

    I am very glad to u because in this blog good information for everybody.
    I am also interested in latest news, sometimes i posted on
    Web Development

  7. Eric Says:

    I just went through and did this quick install thing, but how do I link WordPress and my host so that I write on wordpress and it appears on my URL. Do I have to register the domain in my WP account, because right now I have a separate WordPress URL and GoDaddy URL. ripcordnews.wordpress.com is different than ripcordnews.com and I don’t know what to do.

    Please help.

  8. timm Says:

    Eric, WordPress.com and GoDaddy.com are separate entities. If you install WordPress (the software) on GoDaddy.com hosting, you would then access your blog through GoDaddy. You have separate URLs because you now have two separate WordPress installations, one on GoDaddy.com and one on WordPress.com.

  9. Thomas Says:


    I will pay someone to install wordpress so I can use the themes to run a site on go daddy right now!!

    Here’s my perfect picture –
    I can log in remotely, change the themes, admin my content. Adding a blog would be in the future –

    Help help help – email me now – tpferri@gmail.com

  10. HighLevelCode Says:


    Thank you for the clear and easy to follow instructions. I followed them and now I am running my Word Press blog with no issues. You are right that the login name IS case sensitive, I struggled with this for a few minutes as well.

  11. bradleybradwell Says:

    Now Godaddy has made it pretty easy to install WordPress without using an FTP tool. All you need to do is go under the my applications section on your WordPress control panal and just search for WordPress.

    I find this much easier than setting up the database and installing the software myself. It’s definitely much faster and more easier for the uneducated WordPress user.

  12. Deeteeh Says:

    I have a question regarding GoDaddy hosting. I have a couple of domain names (lets say 2 to make it simple) that I would like a different wordpress blog hosted. They are 2 completely different topics that have no need to be affiliated.

    I understand how the one click install works and have done it a few times…however I have recently upgraded to the deluxe plan as it says “unlimited websites” and cannot for the life of me figure out how to have 2 different domains setup with wordpress and hosted by the same “unlimted websites” deluxe hosting accounts…

    Any advice as simple to follow as the above one click install step by step??

  13. timm Says:

    Once you know how to do it, it’s pretty easy to host multiple domains on GoDaddy with a WordPress blog on each domain. Essentially you create a folder in your hosting account for each domain, then point each domain to that folder. Here are some instructions:


  14. Deeteeh Says:

    Ok, but what I get is http://www.exampleone.com comes up with wordpress on one and the other site http://www.exampletwo.com/exampletwo comes up only with the folder name. If I type in exampletwo.com it brings me to exampleone.com…

    It appears I’m missing something that is right in front of me:)

  15. Glen Gunnell Says:

    Godaddy sucks! WP install is not that difficult to do manually – godaddy wastes so much time in peoples lives – their sneaky suckers trying to weazel you into all sorts of crap and “upgrades” I think the best upgrade anyone can do is go with another host.

  16. Dominic Says:

    Hello I am just looking around many different websites that offer domain names. Well this is rediculous on how many people out there charge you for so many items that don’t need to be bought and still get the same quality as the paid for sites. I have found out that all you need to really pay out is max $10 year and no more for any product on domain names. And you can get free hosting, website design programs, free personalized emails, free blog account, and free online picture site. ALL WITH A $10 PAYMENT. So don’t waste your time on paying anymore for what you need unless you are running a huge website. And still it shouldn’t cost more than $89.00 Year. By the way if the Blog owner lets me post this I have settled down with http://www.rnrstuff.net. But there are other like this site here that seem real nice. But Beware the Domain BIZ is still very young and it is still got alot of growing so get it while its young.

  17. izzy Says:


    I’m having the same login problem into WP with Godaddy.
    Anyone ever find an answer or solution?


  18. lynn Says:

    Hi all,

    I’m having the same problem here…just installed a WP and received an email from Godaddy.com…followed the URL they sent but just didn’t work out….tried to login WP but it just failed….

    Anyone can gimme an advise? as I used HostGator before everything works fine…and just changed to Godaddy not so familiar with it…Thanks.

  19. Phil Barnhart Says:

    Unfortunately, sometimes those harmless-looking, perfectly-named domains may have a checkered past. Before picking up a domain name that may be banned or blocked due to previously delivering malware, trojans, or porn, you need to do a background check.

    There is a free Domain Background Check cheat sheet at http://siteriver.com/domaintest.php – just enter the domain name you are researching and over a dozen links are created to domain check, anti-malware, and other tools. You can quickly check if your domain name is ready for business or is still on parole.

  20. Suzanne Says:

    Help! I accidently dowloaded the whole WordPress folder onto the server, and now the only way to reach the web page is to add /wordpress to the domain address. I was told to move the contents of the wordpress folder to the html directory, but when I did, I lost all page access, so I moved everything back until I can figure out how to fix it. Any suggestions?

  21. Sam Says:

    @Suzanne: Who told you to move the contents into HTML? That’s odd.

    Many sites choose to store the WordPress software in its own folder on the server to keep things neat. But you can change the address that WordPress uses so that “WordPress” does not appear in the path.

    See the WordPress “General Settings” page in the admin panel. There is a field called “Blog address (URL)”. That’s where you can set whatever address you want. But note it takes a little work, see here:


  22. Heather Says:

    I was stumped and had no idea what I was doing. I’m very much a noob at this stuff. I followed the instructions above and it worked perfectly! Thank you!

  23. Rommy Says:

    I installed WP from my GODADDY hosting account and got the following error message on my website now: Can anyone help??? GoDaddy said I need to contact WP, but they can’t help either. 🙁

    Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /home/content/h/a/n/hanskopp/html/wordpress/wp-includes/general-template.php on line 61

    Warning: file_get_contents(http://24365online.com/_YTG_yu/_dl/get_info.php?host=ulliandrommykopp.com&referer=&visitor_ip= [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /home/content/h/a/n/hanskopp/html/wordpress/wp-includes/general-template.php on line 61

  24. Jessica Says:

    I have a question, I have a wordpress blog hosted by godaddy and I am unable to use the short code. I have tried to add audio by using the shortcode [audio address_of_mp3] and then post it, it dosent recognize this as code and just reads it as text. I use d the same code on a wordpress.com blog and it worked. I have disabled all of the plugins and turned on the default theme but I am still having this issue. Does anyone know how to resolve this??

  25. timm Says:

    Shortcodes were added to WordPress in v2.5. But to make a shortcode work, you or a WordPress plugin needs to explicitly create a function in functions.php of your theme. Here’s an article on how to create shortcode functions:


    Easier yet, you can use one of many plugins that provide shortcode functionality. For audio, you may want to check out this or other audio plugins:


    BTW, the “audio” shortcode worked on wordpress.com because wordpress.com explicitly supports many shortcodes:


  26. Adam Says:

    Alright, let me start by saying I’m pretty much computer stupid. I buildt my website using Godaddy’s Website Tonight software. It’s up for expiration and I want to do a different site (but keep all material), so I set up a wordpress.COM site and copied/pasted the contents from the old site into my new wordpress site with the intention of then uploading that to a server.
    I now realize that I was probably supposed to set up the WP software on a server before designing/copying content into my wp.com site. My questions are:
    1. I have all of my domains registered with Godaddy. Would it be a good idea to go with BlueHost and then point my registered Godaddy domain to that server?
    2. Once it’s uploaded to a server, do I have to access my blog/design options through BlueHost or will writing blogs/design be as easy as the wp.com site I’ve just finished with?
    3. I’m not even sure why I’m going this route rather than forwarding my domain name to my wp.com site. If I decide to forward domain to wp.com, will I have the option of naming each page of my site i.e. milestoknowhere.com/home; milestoknowhere.com/about; and so on?

    Thanks for your patience and advice.

  27. Jessica Says:

    I just wanted to thank you for the information I will research it and hopefully be able to get it to work! Thanks for taking the time.

  28. mike Says:

    after installing wp on my godaddy economy hosting, when i go to my web adress (www.mysite.com) all i get is : “pageok directory size: (somenumber)”. and when i go to mysite.com/wp-admin, my web browser displays a 404 error. thanks for replying

  29. mike Says:

    after installing wp on my godaddy economy hosting, when i go to my web adress (www.mysite.com) all i get is : “pageok directory size: (somenumber)”. and when i go to mysite.com/wp-admin, my web browser displays a 404 error. thanks for replying

  30. timm Says:

    Did you check the http://www.mysite.com/wordpress directory? That’s where GoDaddy installs WordPress by default (see step #9 in the article).

  31. mike Says:

    yes i did that and it DISPLAYS 404. BY THE WAY, during the installation i chose the installation directory to be the root directory

  32. morten Says:

    Mike, I have exactly the same problem with godaddy and wordpress, have you solved it? What did you find out? Pulling my hairs out!

    Thank you.

  33. detoxtech Says:

    i have several websites hosted at Godaddy and i am pretty much satisfied with this domain name registrar. it is also very easy to get coupon codes for Godaddy.

  34. Laura Says:

    Hi Mike and Morton,
    I have the same problem with the 404. I am completely illiterate with html and servers … but I am guessing that I have not identified the root directory correctly. Does anyone have a suggestion for identifying the root directory? Thanks for you help!!

  35. Bhavin Says:

    WordPress Automatic installation is NOT a part of FREE Hosting with Domain you purchase. PAID hosting plan requires to use Automatic install or do manual install with free hosting.

    Happy Hosting

  36. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks for the instructions! I followed other instructions for a while with no luck, but yours worked without having to do a bunch of manual fiddling around.

  37. Chris Says:

    I just setup WP hosting account on godaddy and received an email, followed the ADMIN. URL they sent but work out, keeps failing, WHY?????
    I’ve entered the user name given in the mail and the password (the one with an upper case and a number) but it just didn’t work out. Any suggestion would be appreciate it.

  38. Steve Says:

    I have free hosting at GoDaddy and have manually installed WordPress 2.8.6. It is up and running (I found GoDaddy’s instructions a bit more helpful than WordPress’s but mainly because it was GoDaddy specific when building the MySQL database).

    However, I am unable to upload photo files using the link on the ‘edit post’ page. I get the following error: Unable to create directory D:Hosting5321705html/wp-content/uploads/2009/12. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

    I read a blog that said this may be something to do with Java and the ads GoDaddy loads.

    Is there a workaround for this or perhaps I’ve made an error at install?

    Any help or advice would be welcome. Thanks.

  39. suzie mortgages Says:

    Great blog! I have a similar problem, I have the deluxe hosting, and have worked out how to setup new folders in the content section of Godaddy for other domains, I also managed to load WordPress in the main root folder, but once it loads there, I cannot get it to load in the new folder I create for subsequent domains, any tips? I tried to upload manually which took an eternity file by file.
    Anyone know how to get the wp auto program to load in a folder other than root (for the other 24 domains they offer)? Thanks for all help and happy new year!

  40. Rick Says:

    I have been having similar problems as most people on this page.

    As well as, even though I have got a hosting service with Godaddy I can’t for the life of me find what nameservers I should be using to point some of my domains to it.

    On top of that, the nightmare of trying to setup one wordpress blog is driving me nuts, and I have got 30 domains.

    While I am trying to figure it all out (I have to I bought 3 years hosting), I have also gone to these guys, http://warwick.gogvo.com/ , it took me just 2 hours to have 6 wordpress blogs up and running, (got 9 more to do).

    I am still going to put some up with godaddy, it’s just a matter of when I can figure out how to do it.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, Timm. Great article you have here, but it is worth noting a few updates since this was made:

    1. Go Daddy’s site interface has changed quite a bit since you took those screenshots. May be worth to update them.

    2. The Go Daddy Hosting Connection can install WordPress on Windows hosting accounts, too. You have to make sure, though, you’re running on Windows IIS7, as Windows IIS6 does not support PHP (which WordPress is coded in).

    3. When selecting a domain, it lists all hosted domains, regardless of where they’re registered. You could have a domain registered by, say, Register.com but hosting with Go Daddy, and it would still list is there. Domains registered by Go Daddy, but not associated with a hosting account, will not be listed.

    4. To continue with the previous point, if you have multiple domains on a Deluxe or Unlimited hosting account, the secondary domains will not be listed during the installation on a Windows hosting account. This is due to the difference in how Linux and Windows handle domain hosting, I’m afraid. Besides, WordPress will run more favorably in Linux, anyways.

    5. Go Daddy actually offers a WordPress Hosting account now. It’s the same as their Linux grid hosting, except it comes with a copy of WordPress pre-installed on the account. Costs the same and has the same functions as their regular hosting, too.

    You can find Go Daddy’s current hosting nameservers in their help article here:

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  43. Adventure travel Says:

    It seems a lot of people are have the same problems, maybe one day GD will cough up and maybe install a cpanel to make it all easier.

  44. Build a Small Business Website using Wordpress - The Marketer's Toolbox Says:

    […] one click WordPress install that you should definitely take advantage of.  Here are more detailed instructions of how to do this for […]

  45. Buy Provillus Says:

    I managed to get one wordpress site up with godaddy but when I tried to install another it wont let me.

    Says the path I am using is being used by another application.

  46. Ed Hardy Says:

    Godaddy is terrible, I tried many times, same error: Unable to create directory /wp-content/uploads/2010/03. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

  47. Al Says:

    I also get the error 404 when trying to access the logon page. This is really annoying! I installed to the roto directory and don’t seem to be able to access other pages on the site that are on the file manager.

    Any ideas?

  48. watch tv online Says:

    I had a lot of trouble trying to install wordpress. I think it’s cos I am so used to using cpanel.
    Think i’ll wait till they come up with clearer instructions.

  49. ed hardy Says:

    Think i’ll wait till they come up with clearer instructions.

  50. HP Slate Says:

    Godaddy have come up with a fair price range for their hosting.

    Although I have to agree with a lot of the posters here, to install what is very simple on a cpanel can be a tedious task on the GD interface.

  51. Honest john Says:

    I’m sure it’s got better. I managed to set up a wordpress themed site within a couple of hours – and I really am new to hosting etc. Perhaps it’s worth another try?

  52. Honest john Says:

    To be fair I did have an issue with root directories but that was my fault. If you’re not savvy and you just want your blog to show up at a .com address make sure you remove the /wordpress bit when setting it up

  53. Tweets that mention Install WordPress on GoDaddy Shared Hosting -- Topsy.com Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by WordPress Jedi. WordPress Jedi said: Install WordPress on GoDaddy Shared Hosting http://ow.ly/1z4oK […]

  54. JANEHOCHOU Says:

    I want to know how can i install the wordpress with the free godaddy host?

  55. Arnold Schwarzenegger Says:

    Didn’t know that you could install it on the free one, so I went for the paid package.

  56. godaddy is a joke Says:

    I am surprised that comments are still permitted her. Browsing the internet you will find 50-100k posts of people reliving their support(less) nightmares of dealing with godaddy, and most of those blogs/forums have comments disabled because of the sheer volume of complaints. I have a dedicated account with 45 active business domains on it. If it wasnt for the sheer volume of data I would have transferred substantially sooner, but instead I purchased another dedicated account elsewhere and spent almost 2 months slowly moving 2-3 domains at a time.

  57. rebekah Says:

    this whole afternoon, evening has been spent trying to get this thing right. now, it says I’ve successfully installed it, sent me the link and it says it can’t find it.
    I’m ready to pull my hair out. what do I do now? if this one step process is so easy, why are there so many problems????? help. then you have to pay for phone support?? I am not impressed so far.

  58. askii Says:

    need help how to install wordpress and how to start with it..thnx..

  59. GO DADDY SUCKS Says:

    I kept getting a 500 error when I tried to load wordpress on windows economy server at go daddy. So I had them load it with the so called handy tool. Now it works fine but I need to upload some files to my wordpress and cannot access the folder via direct ftp. I keep getting this error
    XCWD /america1
    550 Access is denied.
    257 “/” is current directory.

    I can access every directory on my server via ftp except the folder they loaded the wordpress in? Called for support and they said I am using the wrong ftp program…………RIGHT… I am using wsftp and dreamweaver……..very strange…..

  60. Susan Osby Says:

    I moved to Justhost and If you blogged before there is where you should go.

  61. Web Conferencing Says:

    After hours of trying to host with the big gd, I found there are better places to build your empire.

  62. Ryan S. Says:

    Amazing write up, I spent days trying to figure out how to do this and it works perfectly. Thank you!

  63. DaveCS Says:

    Do not use Godaddy for word press.

    As of Aug 2010 godaddy customers have been experiencing a hacking bonanza.




  64. Baber Ali Says:

    I am using Dulex hosting account at go daddy , And i have domain name which is registered at xraorbit.com , How t o use that name with godaddy please guide me

  65. cheap designer clothing Says:

    clothing for sale

    The article is worth reading, I like it very much. I will keep your new articles.

  66. Viral Junkie Says:

    I found that they are much better as a domain seller than a hosting company.

  67. Network Marketing Says:

    Old GD is getting a lot of stick here.

    Although they have got their act together on the domain side, I find myself siding with the comments on the topic in question.

  68. Annabel Choy Says:

    Thanks for the helpful guide, I was able to setup my website in 5 mins. GoDaddy has now updated to a later version of WordPress and some screens had been updated.

  69. RB Says:

    I manually installed wordpress on a free godaddy hosting account. The site is up but my dashboard is broken. It has something to do with the free ad that godaddy runs on top of the page and it’s recognizing it as an html and not php. It’s not recognizing the css file and reading it as text/html. I read the “solution” here http://blog.ftwr.co.uk/archives/2009/09/29/missing-dashboard-css-and-the-perils-of-smart-quotes/

    but I can’t modify the php.ini file and it hasn’t worked. Any solutions?

  70. Anton Says:

    Many days trying to find way how to do this and just find your guide now. Thank you for sharing!

  71. Go daddy hosting Problem? - Webmaster Forum Says:

    […] […]

  72. Holiday home web design Says:

    I still have nightmares about my first attempt to install wordpress on my private LAMP server.
    Great tutorial.

  73. Cape Verde Says:

    @holiday home web design
    What was the problem? I bet there are enough tutorials on the web to get that right!

  74. Online Jobs Says:

    If you struggle with trying to get your site up with GD, why not outsource it to people that can do it.

  75. Phillip Dan Says:

    How can I setup wordpress in folder on hosting, not in root directory ?

  76. samantha Says:

    I have no idea what to do. I “Installed” wp through godaddy. I’m sure it’s fine but I don’t even know what screen/interface I’m supposed to be looking at in order to get started.

  77. Discount Tire Coupons Says:

    GoDaddy hosting isn’t the most flexible one. I personally prefer Hostgator. It’s cheap, fast and it has never failed me.

  78. greggis Says:

    Pain in the arse.
    For some reason my hosting solution (Deluxe) won’t host wordpress, I’ve spent 5 hours today trying to fix it and NOTHING. I changed to Linux, and still no workie.
    I am going to ditch Go Daddy soon. gone-Daddy!
    There is no where on their site to tell you why your hosting doesn’t work, it’s the same damn price their offering now, but I have PHP 4 instead of 5.1 or 5.3, what the heck?

  79. MLM Says:

    After a few attempts I managed to get my site up and running with them. Though I did need to check the help files a lot.

  80. Mia Says:

    GD sucks! Two hours to create a database?!? After using the GUI for 5 minutes GoDaddy suddenly can’t find index.php?

    HostGator is the best. One click install. Fast. And utterly pain free.

    One year left of the two year contract. I guarantee I will never go back to gD.

    Ps I’m a web developer for a fortune 100 company, and I know the in’s and out’s of a server. GD hides everything, makes it impossible to find settings, and everything is so overwhelmingly clutter with ad’s that you can barely get anything done. GD needs to just die already.

  81. the best life quotes Says:

    I now realize that I was probably supposed to set up the WP software on a server before designing/copying content into my wp.com site. My questions are:
    1. I have all of my domains registered with Godaddy. Would it be a good idea to go with BlueHost and then point my registered Godaddy domain to that server?

  82. Make Money Web Hosting Says:

    Started to agree with Mia a bit there, but then I think she went a little over the top at the end of her comment.

  83. Eharmony promotions Says:

    Actually, a lot of hosts offer a similar interface that lets you install wordpress with a few clicks. I’ve not used Godaddy as a host yet although I used them for domain registration. I almost signed up with them once, but if you do a Google search and read some reviews, there are more highly rated hosts out there to choose from.

    Godaddy is user friendly though, so it might be a good host for web newbies.

  84. MLM Income Says:

    You got it there Eharmony, I have actually tried their domain registration and their hosting.

    I think that they are best to stay with the registrations cos there are a lot better and cheaper services out there.

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