Jul 23

This is part 11 in a series of articles on obscure programming languages.

What is Kite?

Kite is a programming language designed to minimize the required experience level of the programmer.  It aims to allow quick development and running time and low CPU and memory usage.

Kite Design

Kite was designed with lightweight systems in mind.  On OS X Leopard, the main Kite library is only 88KB, with each package in the standard library weighing in at 13-30KB. 

The main design philosophy is minimalism — only include the minimum necessary, while giving developers the power to write anything that they can write in other languages.

Kite combines both object oriented and functional paradigms in the language syntax.  One special feature is its use of the pipe character (|) to indicate function calls, as opposed to the period (.) or arrow (->) in other languages.  Properties are still de-referenced using the period.

Kite History

Kite was developed in 2006 by Mooneer Salem.

“Hello World” in Kite

"Hello World"|print;


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Article published on July 23, 2009

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