Oct 28

Every so often a new technology comes along that solves a really nagging problem.  As any photographer knows, taking a picture at the exact right moment with perfect focus and framing is a challenge and an art.  But thanks to a new camera by Lytro, you can shoot first and focus later.

The Lytro “light field camera” uses multiple lenses to capture an image at different angles and depth and with much greater light than a traditional digital camera.  Later, the photographer can use the exclusive Lytro software to focus the image on the desired subject.  This enables the photographer to just click away and concentrate only on framing the shot.

Visit the Lytro website to see how the software will work.  For example, here’s an image of four beautiful women.  You can use the software to focus on the woman in the foreground:

Copyright © Lytro Inc.

Or the hot pink dress in the background:

Copyright © Lytro Inc.

Lytro calls the result “living pictures.”  No word yet on pricing, megapixels or other specs, but the camera is due out later this year.  Lytro has already received $50 million in venture capital, so somebody certainly thinks this technology has legs. 

I think this “living picture camera” is a great idea, but the proof will be in the pudding, i.e., does this actually work as advertised.  Of course, the photos above remind me that what most men really want is a Superman X-ray image camera.

Story at CNN

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Article published on October 28, 2011

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