May 22

After a long time, Bootstrap v5.2.0-beta1 was released last week. This version of bootstrap is the biggest release update till now and is being billed as the framework’s most significant release since Bootstrap 5.0 two years ago. This version features a redesigned document, all components of CSS Variable, responsive offcanvas, new helpers and utilities, improved buttons and inputs, and many underlying improvements. Builders are offering CSS variables for all components and new helpers and utilities in the latest planned upgrade to the Bootstrap web development framework. Let’s look at some major changes in Bootstrap 5.2.0.

Redesigned documents

The development team rewrites the whole home page, To better show Bootstrap All functions of. Changes include simplifying the navigation bar, Cancel sub navigation, and changing the sidebar to always show links to each page to improve discoverability. It also shows Updated Quick Start Guide. It is now through CDN Use Bootstrap Step-by-step guide.

The updated navigation bar also has a new version selector, which starts from v5.2.0 And higher. On any page, click versions and view options to navigate to previous minor versions of the same page. When a page does not exist in the old version, you will see the disabled version in the drop-down list. Official expression, it currently has no plans to link pages across major versions.

Document search is now powered by the latest version of Algolia DocSearch Provide support , Brings improved design. You can even display your recent searches.

Design adjustment

In order to cooperate with the redesign of documents, the development team made some detailed border radius updates for the buttons and input methods. Components now have improved theming and CSS variables for real-time customization. Color-mode support will be added soon, starting with dark mode.

It is easier to modify custom components. Here are two examples:

New.text-bg-color helpers have been added. Developers can now use the.text-bg-* helpers to set background colour with contrasting foreground colour instead of setting individual.text-** utilities.

Font-weight utilities have been expanded to include.fw-semibold for semibold fonts.

Component CSS variables

With this release, all components now include CSS variables to enable real-time customization, easier theming, and (soon) color mode support starting with dark mode. Every component page has been updated to include a reference guide of the relevant CSS variables.

--#{$prefix}btn-padding-x: #{$btn-padding-x};
--#{$prefix}btn-padding-y: #{$btn-padding-y};
--#{$prefix}btn-font-family: #{$btn-font-family};
@include rfs($btn-font-size, --#{$prefix}btn-font-size);
--#{$prefix}btn-font-weight: #{$btn-font-weight};
--#{$prefix}btn-line-height: #{$btn-line-height};
--#{$prefix}btn-color: #{$body-color};
--#{$prefix}btn-bg: transparent;
--#{$prefix}btn-border-width: #{$btn-border-width};
--#{$prefix}btn-border-color: transparent;
--#{$prefix}btn-border-radius: #{$btn-border-radius};
--#{$prefix}btn-box-shadow: #{$btn-box-shadow};
--#{$prefix}btn-disabled-opacity: #{$btn-disabled-opacity};
--#{$prefix}btn-focus-box-shadow: 0 0 0 #{$btn-focus-width} rgba(var(--#{$prefix}btn-focus-shadow-rgb), .5);

Values for virtually every CSS variables are assigned via Sass variable, so customization via CSS and Sass are both well supported. Also included for several components are examples of customizing via CSS variables.

New _maps.scss

Bootstrap v5.2.0-beta1 introduces a new Sass file with _maps.scss that pulls out several Sass maps from _variables.scss to fix an issue where updates to an original map were not applied to secondary maps that extend it. It’s not ideal, but it resolves a longstanding issue for folks when working with customized maps.

For example, updates to $theme-colors were not being applied to other maps that relied on $theme-colors (like the $utilities-colors and more), which created broken customization workflows. To summarize the problem, Sass has a limitation where once a default variable or map has been used, it cannot be updated. There’s a similar shortcoming with CSS variables when they’re used to compose other CSS variables.

This is also why variable customizations in Bootstrap have to come after @import “functions”;, but before @import “variables”; and the rest of the import stack. The same applies to Sass maps—you must override the defaults before they get used. The following maps have been moved to the new _maps.scss:

  • $theme-colors-rgb
  • $utilities-colors
  • $utilities-text
  • $utilities-text-colors
  • $utilities-bg
  • $utilities-bg-colors
  • $negative-spacers
  • $gutters

New helpers and utilities

  • Added a new .text-bg-{color}helpers. Now you can use .text-bg-* helpers To set the background color with a contrasting foreground color, Instead of setting up a separate .text-* and .bg-* utilities.
  • Expanded font-weightutilities, Include for semibold fonts Of .fw-semibold.
  • Expanded border-radius utilities , Includes two new sizes :.rounded-4 and .rounded-5, To provide more options.

Responsive offcanvas

Offcanvas component now has responsive variations. The original .offcanvas class remains unchanged—it hides content across all viewports. To make it responsive, change that .offcanvas class to any .offcanvas-{sm|md|lg|xl|xxl} class.

Coming soon: Dark mode!

Much of the work they have done in v5.2.0-beta1 has been in support of adding dark mode to Bootstrap. Yes, it’s finally coming in their next minor release!

They have also mentioned “We’re adding tons of new global CSS variables, cleaning up docs styles, and better supporting overall customization”.

Coming In V5.3.0

There’s lots to look forward to in their next minor release, though they’ll likely have some bug fixes along the way.

  • Dark mode! As mentioned above, they’re actively working to bring more nuanced color options and color modes to Bootstrap.
  • An attribute toggle plugin to programmatically toggle classes and attributes by only writing HTML.
  • CSS variables for forms!
  • CSS variables for forms!
  • Sticky headers for tables
  • Mixins and functions for modifying the utilities API.
  • An option for “always floating” floating forms.


More advancements in this direction are expected as Version 5 development progresses. Version 5.2.0 includes investments in helpers and utilities to make it easier to modify custom components. The project website provides access to Bootstrap v5.2.0-beta1. You can Head to to get the latest release. Hopefully the next update will be beneficial to those who have been wanting the above mentioned features.

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