Jul 16

Did you know?  You can type ASCII characters into any application.  Press and hold the Left-Alt key, then using the numeric keypad, type the four-digit decimal number for the ASCII character you want, then release the Left-Alt key.  For example, to type è, press and hold Left-Alt, then type 0232 on the numeric keypad.  When you release the Left-Alt key, è will be typed. 

Here is the world famous ASCII table:

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Jun 19

The leading SEO (Search Engine Optimization) sites will tell you that placing an ad after the first post in your blog’s home page is particularly effective.  This is because the ad is essentially embedded in the blog content, hence your readers are less likely to develop “ad blindness” and skip over the ad as usual.

To place an ad after the first post in your WordPress blog main page:

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Jun 13

Many applications store data in the “My Documents” folder.  Unfortunately, by default this folder is buried at “C:Documents and SettingsUserNameMy Documents”.

A smarter approach is to separate your programs and data.  For example, I store the operating system and programs on my C: drive and all data on my D: drive. 

But simply moving your data is not enough–you need to tell applications and the operating system where to find it.

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Apr 24

There is a bug in WordPress v2.1.3 and a few prior versions that may prevent you from adding categories to your WordPress blog. 

When you attempt to add a category, the error message “You do not have permission to do that” will appear in a pink box.

To solve this problem in Internet Explorer 7 (IE7):

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