Aug 12

Actual conversation at a national computer chain store:

Customer:  Now what does this 512MB of RAM mean on this PC?

Salesman:  Umm… RAM is what slows down your PC.  See, it rams into your processing power, causing slowdowns.  That’s why it’s called RAM.

Customer:  Are you sure?

Salesman:  Who’s the expert here?

From the Page-A-Day® calendar, 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

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Article published on August 12, 2009

One Response to “You Can’t Trust Computer Salesmen”

  1. Brendan Burns Says:


    Recently I was shopping in a well known (and highly regarded) chain store that sells a very popular range of computers.

    I was having a chat with one of the salespeople about one of their new products and then he told me “you see, a CPU is like an engine. After a while it becomes clogged up and starts to slow down, and you need to go buy a new one”.

    I decided at that point that it was time to finish the conversation.

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