Oct 23

Today the world’s most popular social network Facebook introduced its biggest interface change since the complete revamp in March.

Jul 14

I saw the James Cameron movie Titanic again the other night.  In the scene shown above, the band plays on with grace and dignity, while the ship slowly sinks, and all hell breaks loose around them. That’s when it hit me: .NET developers face a similar fate.  Do we ride Microsoft .NET to the bottom […]

Feb 18

Microsoft has stated that its Windows Phone Marketplace will reject any apps that use the GNU General Public License (GPL) and similar licenses.  As stated in Article 5 of Microsoft’s Application Provider Agreement: “The Application must not include software, documentation, or other materials that, in whole or in part, are governed by or subject to […]

Feb 04

Red Gate has announced that .NET Reflector will no longer be free at the end of February 2011.  According to an open letter by Neil Davidson, Red Gate’s co-CEO: ”Red Gate has announced that it will charge $35 for version 7 of .NET Reflector upon its release in early March.  Version 7 will be sold […]

Jul 06

Microsoft has launched a new software architecture website devoted to sharing best practices and customer stories. The site features case studies, video interviews, architect evangelist profiles, links to blog articles and a Twitter feed.  If you are an architect or senior developer, this site will help you connect with your peers and learn more about […]

Apr 30

The one thing we can all count on with Facebook is change.  Facebook performs major updates to its user interface about twice a year.  Some changes are welcome, but sometimes the Facebook UI designers make things harder than they should be.

Oct 23

The second beta version of Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0 are now available.  VS 2010 and .NET 4.0 deliver significant new capabilities and improvements.  The Beta 2 release was focused on performance, stability, and the integration of the overall feature set.  The development team is awaiting our feedback on the product and […]

Oct 08

This is part 13 in a series of articles on obscure programming languages. What is M? The Microsoft “M” programming language is a declarative language for working with data and building domain models.  M lets users write down how they want to structure and query their data using a textual syntax that is convenient to […]

Aug 07

Follow these steps to unhide a Facebook Friend that you have hidden: Step 1.  In Facebook, click the News Feed link, which is usually on the top-left corner of the window:

Apr 08

.NET News

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Two social networking news sites have emerged for .NET developers: DotNetKicks and the new .NET Shoutout.  Both sites provide tons of .NET news and information, if you’re willing to spend the time to dig through it all.  But for busy developers, there is a new .NET news site that cuts through all the clutter.   Dot-Net-News.com […]