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If all publicity is good publicity, then Apple is basking in the glow of its hot new gadget, the iPad, which is not only the talk of the tech world, but has also become the favorite butt of jokesters worldwide

Following are some of the best jokes about the Apple iPad found online and especially on Twitter.  Warning: Given the subject matter, these jokes are not always tasteful.


The iPad: Protecting your data from embarrassing incidents.  (kathycacace)

Uncomfortable cramping and bloating?  There’s an app for that.  (Attagrrrl)

The iPad surfs the Web AND stops the bleeding.  (tjakabon)

If I order an iPad, will my boyfriend and I have to worry if it arrives late?  (fauxfruit)

If you and your friends all buy one, will they sync up?  (andBegorrah)

So will iffy Wi-fi coverage be called iSpotting?  (vlvtjones)

The 64-gig iPad will forever be known as the “Heavy Flow” model.  (Johnpapa)

Does the Period Tracker app come free?  (Lymed)

Mac’s iPad.  Say it with me, folks.  Maxipad.  (TastyBites)

A friend tweeted that, "All this talk about the iPad is giving me iCramps," so I suggested iBuprofen.  (betty.black)

Microsoft’s answer to the iPad is the “Technical Automatic Material Peripheral Onboard Notebook,” or TAMPON.  Coming real soon.  (franzenjim)

Steve, I’ma let you finish, but Moses had the greatest tablet announcement of all time.  (WewillroastU)

I’m not buying an iPad.  Period.  (melizeche)

So the iPad has two data plans: Light Flow and Heavy Flow.

I haven’t heard this many period jokes since I was forced to watch “The View” last month.  (TwittsMcGee)

I heard that for one week out of every month the iPad will be unresponsive and seem harsh when you touch it.

iPad: a bloody good idea.


And in an amazing feat of tech prescience, MadTV produced an Apple iPad parody video… three years ago!  Check it out:



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Article published on February 1, 2010

20 Responses to “Best iPad Jokes”

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  3. Madmax Says:

    Irish Version Export model
    Comes with a plug in breath analyzer
    GPS function
    Maps to all the local Pub and Taverns
    Builtin Games
    Beer pong

  4. mark Says:

    I can’t believe no one has thought this one up yet.

    I hear that the ipad doesn’t have flash, but when it does will anyone need a pad anymore? or does that just pertain to women?

  5. Hore Passada Says:

    “Apple’s iPad name not the first choice for women. Period.”

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  8. Jonny Mate Says:

    You can tell that 95% of the geeks posting these jokes have never had a girlfriend. You all seem to be getting mixed up. A tampon is like a small cylinder which goes INSIDE the girl and does its obsorbing. What everyone else is joking about (the thing in the picture above) is infact a sanitry towel.

  9. theET Says:

    Will the ear buds for the iPad be called earpons

  10. jeste feste Says:

    can i watch period movies on the iPad?

  11. Heather Says:


    Here is another one! Check it out! You’ll be sure to have another laugh!

    Title: I guess the Apple iPad wasn’t as innovative as we thought…

  12. Dustin Says:

    Who are you people kidding? The iPad is the tech product of the decade. The only reason anyone here is complaining is because they either can’t afford and iPad or were too dumb to buy apple stock when it was cheap, or they bailed when it was 210 a share after the ipad was announced. Either way, suck it losers. I’m up 86% on apple’s stock and Im typing this on my brand new iPad which i bought with apple’s money.

  13. The Spin Within» Blog Archive » Uncomfortable cramping and bloating? There’s an app for that.* Says:

    […] *I can’t take credit for the joke in the title. I found it here. […]

  14. Jerry Richardson Says:

    Shallow, shallow, shallow, with nothing in life worthwhile to do.

  15. Roger Garrett Says:

    I hear that a few of the new apps are for socializing between lesbians which will be called “Twatter” and another one for men or women that love women called “Clitter”.

  16. Chris Wilson Says:

    Hilarious! Apple is the new Microsoft, arrogant and controlling. The joke is well deserved. Good luck with the iFad!

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    […] I won’t be carrying any wholesale appliances back home. I do want to have a play with an iPad if I find one in the shops, but there are so many things going on, I’m not sure if I’ll […]

  19. Poppy Says:

    Apple is makin a new version iPad with bells on it,they say its for the christmas period…

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