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2012 is a great time to be a kid — or an adult who’s a kid at heart.  With computer technology and miniaturization accelerating at an exponential rate, gadgets and toys are becoming more powerful and sophisticated every year.  This is especially true with geek gifts, which tend to exploit the latest technological advances.

Following is a list of our favorite geek gifts, all available now for purchase online:

Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard

This miniature keyboard is a great accessory for your PC, laptop, PS3 or home theater PC.  Only 6” long and 2-1/4” high, this QWERTY full-function keyboard fits in your pocket and works from up to 90 feet away.  The keys are backlit for easy use in the dark.  The touchpad works well when holding the keyboard horizontally or vertically.  It has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.  View Product

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

Easily download pictures from your digital camera to view on your Apple iPad.  The kit includes two connectors: The Camera Connector features a USB interface to connect your digital camera or smartphone to the iPad.  The SD Card Reader imports photos directly from your camera’s SD card.  Then when you sync your iPad to your PC or Mac, the photos on your iPad are added to your computer’s photo library.  View Product

Buckyballs – Original Edition

This set of BuckyBalls contains 216 powerful rare-earth magnets that can be shaped, molded, and snapped together in unlimited ways.  Build sculptures, puzzles, patterns, shapes, or futuristic refrigerator magnets.  Rated “Toy of the Year” by Rolling Stone Magazine.  Warning: Not suitable for children under the age of 14.  Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.  View Product

Electronic Blinking Eyeballs

Do you ever get the feeling that someone is watching you?  These Blinking Eyeballs can make any inanimate object come alive.  The kit includes a pair of blinking eyeballs, suction cups and hooks, allowing you to mount the eyeballs into just about any object.  The eyeballs randomly blink, taking by hilarious surprise any unsuspecting passerby.  Uses 6 AAA batteries.  View Product 

World’s Smallest Solar-Powered Car

The Mini Solar Racer is the world’s smallest solar-powered car.  The solar panel generates energy under sunlight or bright artificial light to drive the car without batteries.  The toy car is only 1.3 inches long and 0.55 inches tall!  Not suitable for children under 3.  View Product

Green/Red/Blue Laser Beam Combo

Three powerful lasers are included in this combo pack: one green, one red, and one blue/violet laser.  Each laser is military-grade and amazingly bright, with a target distance of more than 2 miles.  Warning: THIS IS NOT A TOY!  Not suitable for children under 11.  Can damage eyes or cause blindness.  View Product

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Boldly go where no pizza has gone before with this USS Enterprise pizza cutter.  The 4” diameter circular blade is made of stainless steel laser-etched with “USS Enterprise NCC-1701.”  The handle is made from a zinc-chromium alloy.  The cutter is 8-1/2” long overall and functions well in zero gravity, but is not for use on Tribbles.  View Product

Perpetual Puzzle Calendar

Paper calendars last only a year, but this Puzzle Calendar lasts a lifetime.  You are presented with a challenge at the beginning of each month, when you must stack the blocks to create the calendar.  Instructions are included for seven different ways of putting it all together, or you can devise new ways.  Made of ABS plastic, the calendar is about 5” wide x 4” high.  View Product

The Geeks’ Guide to World Domination

Sorry, beautiful people.  Geek is the new sheik, from business to government to Hollywood.  This geeky guide is jam-packed with 314.1516 short entries that are useful and fun.  It covers science, pop-culture, trivia and nostalgia.  Become a sudoku god, brew your own beer, build a laser beam, classify all living things, clone your pet, and exorcise demons.  View Product

MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband

The MagnoGrip magnetic wristband can hold nails, screws, fasteners, and small tools on your wrist while you work.  Breathable, lightweight, double-layered ballistic nylon handles the most demanding jobs.  Super strong magnets also provide therapeutic relief to the wrist.  View Product

Annoy-a-Tron 2.0

Drive your friends and family crazy with version 2.0 if the amazing Annoy-a-Tron.  This little device contains a 15kHz Teen Buzz tone (young folks can hear it, older folks cannot), cricket chirping, doorbell, grating electronic noise, and an electronic beep.  Hide this device in your home and office and watch people go crazy trying to find the source.  It measures approximately 2.5" x 1.5" x .35" and will run for a month on a single watch battery (included).  View Product

Programmer Parking Sign

Help your favorite computer programmer reserve his space, whether it be in the parking lot or office cubicle.  This 8” x 12” novelty sign is made from durable outdoor plastic with professional-grade vinyl graphics.  This sign will never rust or fade and has rounded corners and a pre-drilled hole for easy mounting.  View Product

Color Changing Light Bulb With Remote

This 16-color changing LED light bulb with wireless remote can be used in any standard incandescent socket.  Use the remote to select the desired color, or invoke one of four color-changing effects.  This energy-efficient LED bulb uses only 3 watts of power and lasts a decade with its 51,000-hour lifespan.  View Product

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Article published on December 17, 2011

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