Feb 07

Netcraft’s monthly survey has found 155,583,825 sites on the World Wide Web.  The slowing global economy may have impacted the Web’s growth rate, with only 354 thousand new sites added in January compared to 5.4 million new in December.

If you spend only five seconds at each site and never sleep or go to the bathroom, you will explode.  But if somehow you manage to live through such an experience, it would take you 24 years to visit the entire Web.  This assumes the Web stops growing, which of course it won’t anytime soon.  As a matter of fact, the Web is currently growing faster than you could see it, with a new website added every half-second in December.

Another interesting statistic from Netcraft’s survey is the ongoing battle between Apache and Microsoft servers.  Apache currently holds the lead at 49% to Microsoft’s 36% of web servers, but the gap between them has narrowed dramatically since early 2006 (see chart).

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Article published on February 7, 2008

3 Responses to “How Big is the Web? 155 Million Sites”

  1. Pages tagged "sites" Says:

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  2. Mike van Zandwijk Says:

    Hi Timm,

    What’s also interesting to see is the market share on underlying (server) technologies:

    For years -as you know- the majority is running Apache, closely followed by Microsoft’s IIS.

    Since late 2007, there’s a “new” kid in town and guess what? It already ate 10% of the pie in just a few months!

    You might have heard of this kid … 😉

    It’s Google with GWS (Google Web Server)


  3. Mike van Zandwijk Says:

    To be more precise, the chart displays “GFE” (Google Front End).

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