Feb 19


The decline of western civilization is now complete.  The #1 app for the iPhone is iFart, the digital equivalent of a whoopie cushion.  The software sold $10,000 worth on its first day.  And since no good deed goes unchallenged, there are over 75 farting apps now available for the iPhone.

And just when you thought that things couldn’t get any stinkier, InfoMedia, which developed iFart Mobile, filed a legal complaint in Colorado District Court against Air-O-Matic, makers of the rival “Pull My Finger” app.  Apparently Air-O-Matic sought $50,000 from InfoMedia for using the terminology “pull my finger” in a news release and YouTube promo video.  Air-O-Matic also asked Apple to remove iFart from the iPhone App Store, but Apple told the companies to work it out themselves.

So InfoMedia decided to take the matter to court, claiming that the term “pull my finger” is common English slang and a “descriptive phrase” and therefore not covered by trademark.

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Article published on February 19, 2009

One Response to “Pull My Finger so iFart”

  1. Kody Says:

    Wow I’m now officially ashamed of man kind, a company named air-o-matic suing for the use of the term pull my finger, it would have been a thing of fiction 30 years ago… then again Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter called fart proudly 200 years ago.

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