Oct 09

Use the Ctrl+Space keyboard shortcut to remove formatting from text in Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel and Outlook.  This command strips fonts, styles, indenting, etc. and leaves only the plain text.

To remove text formatting:

  1. Select text in any Microsoft Office program.
  2. Press Ctrl+Space.  The formatted text is converted to plain text.
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Article published on October 9, 2011

2 Responses to “Remove Text Formatting in Microsoft Office”

  1. What is a keyboard shortcut to change between languages on the Mac? Says:

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  2. Markus Schaber Says:

    This does not work to create a break in the blue quotation line in outlook 2010.

    I was hoping that it would allow me an easier way of replying to mails in the common internet mail style again, instead of manually converting to plain text and fixing quotes for each line by hand.

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