Jul 10

The millionaire founder of an Internet software security company has gone missing in Hawaii following months of bizarre behavior.  Steven Thomas, 36, was last seen June 30 at a Waikiki hotel.

Thomas and ex-girlfiend Kirsten Talley founded Webroot Software in Boulder, Colorado in 1997.  Thomas wrote Spy Sweeper and Window Washer programs.  The pair sold their stake for $108 million to venture capitalists in December 2004.  They split the proceeds and parted ways.  Thomas then moved to O’ahu, where he bought a beachfront home.  His net worth is estimated to be around $50 million.

Steven was recently arrested for running naked into the middle of a 5K race in Kailua.  He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in April and recently ranted that the government was “trying to gas his house.”  Kevin Thomas, Steven’s twin brother, said, “He snapped the other day and said God was sending him messages in his mind that his wife was going to make a satanic ritual killing out of him.  He freaked out and split.  The last time anyone saw him, he was on a hotel balcony in Waikiki saying it wasn’t high enough to do the job.  We’re at the end of our ropes here.”

Recently Steven was concerned about the poor performance of his investment portfolio and had discussed moving back to Colorado, his wife said.  Steven has not used his credit cards since he disappeared, and no money is missing from any of the accounts he shares with his wife.

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Article published on July 10, 2008

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